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  • Land of the Dead screens released for Warhammer Online

    New shots of the upcoming Land of the Dead expansion for Warhammer Online popped up on Eurogamer this morning. There are 30 posted, and each depict a very Egyptian-like setting. Actually it would be considered Egypt if you could ride scary looking boar mounts and you were an orc. Somehow we don’t think Semerkhet or […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Fallen Earth gets screened, CrimeCraft enters beta, Ultima needs testers

    Leading up to E3, there is not a megaton of news with anything, let alone MMOs. The week was basically all about screens, delving into crafting systems and character sheets, and general stuff that you can view on any online game’s website. It’s called pre-E3 malaise, and today it’s pretty thick. However, we have dug […]

  • Warhammer Online ended March with 300,000 subs

    EA execs just confirmed in an investor conference call that Warhammer Online has 300,000 subscribers at the end of March 2009. The company reported an FY2009 loss of $1.08 billion earlier today. The MMO launched in September 2008.

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Shadowbane gets a reprieve, AoC goes lvl 50, Twitter comes to PlayXpert

    Welcome once again to your weekly MMO news round-up. Loads going as usual what with PlayXpert releasing a new Widget for online games, Conan players getting to go to level 50, and Shadowbane getting a small reprieve from the death ax. Wanna know the rest? Of course you do, and it’s all after the break.

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: WoW on iPhone, Spellborn launches, MMO birthdays

    Loads of goings on in the world of MMOs, as usual. Let us make sense of it for you. This week was filled with birthday celebrations for four different MMOs: Lineage II, LOTRO, City of Heroes, and Guild Wars. Good job guys. Other stuff happened too ya know, and it’s all broken down for you […]

  • Refer-a-Friend to Warhammer Online, get an exclusive mount

    Mythic has announced that an exclusive griffon or manticore mount can be yours if you refer six players to Warhammer Online through the recruit-a-friend program. Other referral goodie include non-combat hounds, free game time, and special items that grant additional XP allowing you to temporarily raise a friend’s level to within two of your own. […]

  • Warhammer Online event Beyond the Sands is live

    Warhammer Online’s Beyond the Sands event went live yesterday and will run through April 27. The next phase in the Call to Arms live expansion, the event pits both factions against the Liche Priests over artifacts that once belonged to Nehekharan Kings. It is mainly a RvR event, but don’t worry PvE-ers. There’s something in […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Second Life shows growth, Shadowbane to close, STO gets lored

    Loads of little goings on the land of MMOs last week, but as per usual, the biggest stuff hit our front page. WoW patch anyone? Get the rest after the link.

  • Blue Oyster Cult pens WAR theme song, Kiss My Axe (While I Drink My Beer)

    The Warhammer Online development team has collaborated with Eric Bloom and Richie Castellano of Blue Öyster Cult on a theme song for the game’s new Dwarf Slayer career. Entitled Kiss My Axe (While I Drink My Beer), the track celebrates the new character path, all thanks to lead-singer Eric Bloom being a long-time Warhammer fan. […]

  • Warhammer players complete first sacking of capital city

    The first actual sacking of a capital city in Warhammer Online occurred this past Sunday, six months after the game’s release, reports Massively. Nice. The Destruction faction on Euro server Karak Eight Peaks breached the capital of Altdorf and beat the final encounter with Emperor Karl Franz. After that, the king was caged so everyone […]

  • More free WAR server transfers offered

    Mythic has announced another round of free Warhammer Online character transfers. Players who currently reside on role-playing realm Ostermark can get a free transfer to Phoenix Throne (role-play) or Vortex. Thanks, IncGamers.

  • WAR beta set to launch in Taiwan

    Warhammer Online’s Taiwanese beta’s to go live on April 14, according to this press release. “Since day one, it’s been our goal to make the Age of Reckoning a global phenomenon,” said Mythic boss Mark Jacobs. “The closed beta in Taiwan brings more players around the world the chance to answer one very simple question: […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Darkfall patched, update coming for Warhammer, Old Republic Screens

    Yes, we know this should have gone up yesterday. We were so busy with GDC last week that we almost forgot to do it, but how could we live with ourselves if you didn’t get your weekly MMO news update? We couldn’t. Loads going on with all of your favorites last week, so hit the […]

  • Mythic offering incentives for gamers returning to Warhammer Online

    Mythic is asking gamers to return to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, despite recently closing down 43 of its game servers. North America and Asia Pacific gamers who re-activate their accounts will receive an “Emperor’s welcome,” complete with all the rested experience they’ve accumulated while absent, a special quest chain with in-game rewards, and ten […]

  • Mythic to close 43 Warhammer Online servers

    Today, Mythic will be performing a final transfer of characters from several of the servers: 43 of them, to be exact. All characters on the servers listed here will be consolidated onto another destination server, with all source servers eventually closing. Items in your character’s inventory (equipped or otherwise) and bank vault, bio, quests, tomes, […]

  • Choppa and Slayer invade Warhammer Online

    Patch 1.2 goes live today for Warhammer Online. The Choppa and Slayer classes have now invaded and are ready to start warring in the Bitter Rivals event. When you log into the servers, the patch will also fix over 500 bugs, and a new career balancing system will be put in place. Thanks, IncGamers.

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: D&D turns three, Hello Kitty, WAR gets a forum

    There are many updates, announcements, and other goings on in MMO-land during the week, and it can be hard to keep up. Luckily, you have us. Get the last seven days’ worth of significant MMO news after the break.

  • Bill Roper: Don't count Warhammer Online out just yet

    Bill Roper has told MTV that it’s too early to write off Warhammer Online just yet. “It’s so funny, I hear half the people are saying, ‘Oh gosh, Warhammer looks like it isn’t doing so great’, because they said they had [dropped to] 300,000 subscribers”, said the Cryptic boss. “Those are not bad numbers. And […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: WAR's Night of Murder, Darkfall pre-orders, Spellborn's patch

    Sure, the more important MMO stories gets their own pieces during the week, but what about all games that aren’t World of Warcraft? Where does that leave them? Here in our MMO news round-up, obviously. So much happens on a daily basis in the world of MMOs that we thought we’d put as much as […]

  • Mythic: We're "super proud" of WAR subs

    Despite seeing a drop in Warhammer Online subscribers from 750,000 to 300,000 since release, Mythic’s Jeff Hickman has claimed the firm is thrilled with its game’s userbase. “We are super proud of our subscription numbers,” Hickman said in a Eurogamer live interview today. “We expected a hit from our competitors’ launch, and the economy is […]


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  • Night of Murder approaches Warhammer Online

    A live event titled Night of Murder is to run in Warhammer Online from February 6-15. The shindig is just one of many scheduled for the MMO. Hopefully it will entice more players to return to the game, considering subscriber numbers have dropped from 750,000 to 300,000 since October 2008. Full details are posted in […]

  • Warhammer Online subs drop to 300,000

    Whoops. EA said yesterday that Warhammer Online subscriptions fell to 300,000 in the quarter ending December 31. The news came as part of the company’s third quarter financial release. Mythic claimed the MMO had 750,000 registered players in October last year. Thanks, Massively.

  • Jacobs responds to Mythic lay-off rumour, EA declines to comment

    Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has essentially confirmed the EA-owned developer has seen some lay-offs as part of the publisher’s cost-saving plan. Said the exec, speaking in a forum post on Warhammer Alliance: 1) Our CEO JR has publicly stated the need to cut costs across all of EA. This statement is old news and applies […]

  • Rumour: Mythic latest to suffer EA job cuts

    Mythic is the latest EA division to suffer a size reduction, Joystiq’s rumouring, with 21 customer service staff now looking for work. The Warhammer Online developer is merely the latest in a long line of EA-owned outfits to be trimmed as a result of an announced 10 percent staff cut thanks to losses last year. […]

  • Acti-Blizz Q3 financials – High percentage of those leaving WoW return, says Morhaime

    Speaking in an earnings call following the release of third quarter financials yesterday, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime said that those leaving World of Warcraft for competing MMOs have a very strong chance of ultimately returning. According to the exec, of players trying Age of Conan, 68 percent came back to World of Warcraft, with the […]

  • BioWare MMO: Star Wars universe has “tens of millions of fans,” says EA

    Star Wars’ fan-base is in the “tens of millions,” EA has said, and BioWare’s MMO The Old Republic will take advantage of the weight of numbers by its commitment to quality. “We think the potential could be gigantic,” EA Games president Frank Gibeau told VG247 in San Francisco last week. “The universe of Star Wars […]

  • The Old Republic “under consideration” for console, says Gibeau

    Speaking to Eurogamer at today’s Star Wars: The Old Republic reveal in San Francisco, EA online boss Frank Gibeau said that both the BioWare MMO and Warhammer Online may make the move to console. “They’re both under consideration,” he said, although he added: “We’re not really in a place to commit or announce anything specific […]

  • Mythic boss claims Warcraft copied WAR PvP changes

    Speaking with GI, Mythic boss Mark Jacobs said that the changes to player-versus-player combat in World of Warcraft are taken directly from the changes made to Warhammer Online. “You have a game that’s been out for four years, they’ve never put in world PVP like ours, they’ve never been able to level through PVP like […]

  • WAR class to get the chop

    Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has told Eurogamer that one of the four classes yet to be included in the game will be culled for good. “Well, one of them we hope to put back in,” he said. “I can’t tell you which yet, that’s a surprise. We’re probably going to be replacing one and putting […]

  • Two cut classes to re-enter WAR

    Massively’s reporting that two of the classes cut from WAR’s launch content are to be put back into the game in December. The Empire’s Knights of the Blazing Sun and the Dark Elven Black Guards, both tanker classes (we think – don’t get fucking Medieval on our asses), will show their faces soon, with their […]

  • Mythic ready to combat Wrath of the Lich King, says Blizzard in for “lengthy battle”

    Wait, so WAR and WoW are fighting now? Yes, says Mythic CEO Mark Jacobs, and this “lengthy battle” of the bands won’t be winding down any time soon. “One thing about MMOs is that people play multiple games,” asserted Jacobs. “That’s one of the reasons I was very surprised by [Blizzard COO] Paul’s comments . […]

  • Analyst counts out WAR in battle against WoW

    What do analysts analyze? Not the news, apparently, as a WoW vs Warhammer report from Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian seems to suggest. “We do not expect [Warhammer Online to have] a significant negative impact in the near-term on World of Warcraft — and note that preorders of the upcoming [WoW] expansion pack rank as […]

  • EA’s Asian revenue is “nowhere” near desired level, says exec

    EA Asia boss Jon Niermann has admitted that revenue for the publisher in the region is lower than target, but has pointed to a heavy release schedule of online game to boost funds. “It’s nowhere where it needs to be. We need to get that growth significantly higher,” Niermann told the AP. Asian revenues account […]

  • Mythic: Warhammer = Led Zeppelin, WoW = The Beatles, Monkees = Fail

    If it looks like WoW, but doesn’t play like WoW, is it inferior to WoW? No, says Warhammer Online senior designer Josh Drescher. He explained his stance to Destructoid, using the universal language of UK-influenced rock ‘n’ roll. And drugs. “When we say we’re not competing with World of Warcraft we really do mean that. […]

  • Analyst: WAR subs to “level off” at 250-300,000

    Speaking to Edge, Arvind Bhatia at Stern Agee has predicted that WAR numbers will settle at the 250-300,000 mark once the initial rush of free months’ play is over. “Over time, subscribers will drop off and level off at 250,000- 300,000,” he said. “Based on our estimates for sell through, it would require about 20 […]

  • Mythic won’t credit full Warhammer Online dev team

    EAs Mythic studio has said that it is unable to credit the full development team for MMO Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, writes Shacknews. “Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of people work on the game, and we thank everyone who helped us bring our Warhammer passion to life, but only current employees that have […]

  • Rock band 2 to debut at Games Convention full EA line-up confirmed

    EA has announced its Games Convention line-up revealing that Harmonix’s Rock Band 2 will be shown for the first time. EA reckons it’s “best ever product line up for European consumers this holiday and in 2009″ and as we’ll be able to confirm that for you when our full coverage gets under way tomorrow. From […]

  • “We don’t want to be The Monkees,” says WAR creative director

    Warhammer Online creative director Paul Barnett has told Gametrailers in a video interview that WoW is like The Beatles, “and if you try and be like the Beatles, you’ll and end up like The Monkees. We don’t want to be The Monkees,” he said. “We’re Led Zeppelin.” Quite. More down below. By Mike Bowden

  • Five years of content factored into Warhammer Online

    According to this GI piece, EA Mythic’s Josh Drescher reckons there’s five year’s worth of content and growth space in upcoming MMO Warhammer Online. “All the under-the-hood numbers all actually scale through the next five years,” he said. “What you don’t want is when you launch the game you’ve got 40 levels – and it […]

  • GOA confirms Warhammer Online slip to autumn

    EA just confirmed to videogaming247 that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has been pushed back from Q2 to “autumn”, as was rumoured this morning. “GOA and EA Mythic have confirmed the delay to autumn,” said a GOA spokesperson. The game has been repeatedly delayed, with Mythic most recently assuring press that a Q2 release was […]

  • Warhammer Online slips to autumn, says report

    According to this, Warhammer Online has been pushed back to autumn. The piece gives no source, saying online that, “Producer Jeff Hickman revealed the delay at a press conference today.” Mythic moved quickly to assure that the MMO was still on track for a Q2 release recently after EA staffers confirmed that game had vanished […]

  • Riccitiello and Bioware have monitored Warhammer Online metrics, says Mythic

    EA CEO John Riccitiello and Bioware have both visited Warhammer Online developer Mythic Entertainment to view metrics of the ongoing beta, according to the game’s creative director, Paul Barnett. “One of the great things we’ve got is tons of metrics that run in the background,” he said in a video interview you can watch after […]

  • Warhammer Online on course for Q2, says Mythic

    Following news this morning that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning had apparently vanished of EA’s release schedules, European product manager Rahim Attaba has issued a statement saying game is on track for a Q2 release. “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is still planned for a Q2 2008 release,” he said. “The beta is doing well, […]

  • “No release date” for Warhammer Online

    According to two EA reps, Warhammer Online, the Mythic-developed MMO based on the Games Workshop table-top franchise, has disappeared from the company’s release schedule. “Back in August the game was pencilled in for the first quarter of 2008,” said an agency PR, speaking to videogaming247. “However the game does not feature in EA’s current release […]