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  • US PS movie store update, October 4

    Here‘s the American PlayStation movie store updated for the week. The actual film list is insane, really. It includes Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which sums it up. Can’t wait for this to happen in Europe. Take a look.

  • US PS movie store update, September 27

    The US PS movie store’s update this week is hardcore on the movie side, but lacks a series of Miami Ink, and is therefore spoiled. Get the full line-up on the US PS Blog. All three Godfathers are there this week. You’d have to be a bit harsh to complain at that. Take a look.

  • US PS movie store update, September 19

    It’s Saturday morning! At 6.27am! That means it’s US PlayStation movie store round-up time, kids. Get the full update from the American PS Blog. Again, plenty to watch, including yet another entire season of Miami Ink. Commendable. Take a look.

  • US PS movie store update, September 12

    And here it is. Lots more good stuff there, including a lot of programming about tattoos, which should always be applauded. Here’s hoping Europe gets the same kind of lip service when it gets a PS video store next year.

  • US PS movie store update, August 29

    On the US PS Blog. To be fair, there’s some great stuff on there. Why would you not want to watch the first two seasons of Futurama? Predator 2′s on there! “This is not aboot money: this is aboot power.” We could do that all day. But we won’t. Full thing through the link.


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