Twilight Princess

New Zelda game will “improve upon” Twilight Princess, says Aonuma

Eiji Aonuma has told IGN that while Twilight Princess didn’t live up to the public’s expectations and its potential, the next iteration of the series on Wii will, thanks to what the team learned through creating the game. “With Twilight, we challenged ourselves to create the most vast and realistic world the series had ever […]


Twilight Princess headlines

  • European console releases - week ending Friday 27 June

    European Nintendo fans who haven’t caved in and bought a Freeloader, or re-bought a copy of Twilight Princess simply so they can mess around with a save game file, can finally get their hands on Super Smash Bros. Brawl this week. If that is not enough smashing for you, then how about Sierra’s The Bourne […]