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  • Prince of Persia movie – first footage

    There’s a video after the break of an interview with Jerry Bruckheimer which contains the first footage from the Prince of Persia film. It includes fighting, pouting and man-breasts. See for yourself. It’s out next year.

  • GDC: PoP boss says no-death mechanic was a “mistake” of “attitudes”

    Prince of Persia dev boss Ben Mattes has told a gathering at GDC that the no-death mechanic in last year’s franchise re-boot was a “mistake” in terms of projecting his own opinions on the game. “I guess I made the mistake of projecting my own attitudes,” he said, as reported by MTV. “I believed that, […]

  • Prince of Persia at 50% off on Steam

    Prince of Persia’s been halved in price on Steam today, down to £15 or $25, depending on where your cookie crumbles. The game will be discounted until midnight tonight. A Ubi game is to be cheapened every day this week on Steam.

  • PoP Epilogue DLC delayed to March 5

    Ubisoft’s confirmed Prince of Persia’s Epilogue DLC has been delayed until March 5, the company’s confirmed on its twitter. It was supposed to release tomorrow. Twitter’s clearly the new place to announce absolutely everything. We look forward to hanging ourselves shortly. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • Prince of Persia and Shawn White heading to a Mac near you

    Ubioft’s confirmed that Mac users will get Prince of Persia and Shawn White Snowboarding next month. The new versions are the result of an agreement with TransGaming. Both titles will up for download on GameTree Online and Ubisoft’s store. System requirements for each game are posted below.

  • Prince of Persia DLC will add new trophies to PS3

    Epilogue, next week’s Prince of Persia’s DLC, is to add a new batch of Trophies to the PS3 version. Silver Trophies Two Hidden Born Dead – Kill all the soldiers of the Epilogue before they spawn I Only Need a Hand or Twenty – Elika saves you fewer than 20 times in the whole Epilogue […]

  • Lego Prince of Persia toys cause game speculation

    Lego game rumors are always out and about, and today is no exception, with news emerging of a Prince of Persia line of toys based on the upcoming movie in 2010. When Disney announced that Lego would be releasing the toys, it only made sense that gaming sites would be buzzing about the possibility of […]

  • No DLC planned for PC PoP

    Ubisoft isn’t planning any DLC for the PC version of Prince of Persia, so extras will be limited to the console SKUs. The firm’s cited “business reasons” behind the decision, as reported by BigDownload. The game’s console versions are to get a sizeable chunk of extra stuff later this month in “Epilogue”. Details here.

  • Far Cry 2, PoP and Shaun White all break 2 million sales

    Ubisoft confirmed a slew of sales figures in its third quarter financials today, showing big numbers for its top line-up as explanation of a 13 percent like-for-like increase in sales for the period. Far Cry 2 has now sold 2.9 million units, said the firm, while Prince of Persia and Shaun White Snowboarding have sold […]

  • Team ICO big inspiration for new Prince of Persia

    In an epic fan Q&A on the PlayStation Blog, Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes has admitted Team ICO’s output has played a major role in conceptualising the imminent Ubi platformer, saying the Japanese developer is home to “incredible talent”. “Team ICO is definitely an inspiration for us and both Shadow Of The Colossus as […]

  • IGN and IGN UK go high on Prince of Persia review

    The IGN scores for Prince of Persia are in, with the Americans going for 9.3 and their British counterparts posting a 9.4 score. Ubi boss said in an earnings call last night that expectations for the game were high internally. It’s out on Xbox 360 and PS3 on December 5.

  • Microsoft shows PoP 360 bundle

    Everything else is being bundled with Xbox 360 this Christmas, so why not Prince of Persia? There’s an image of the pack on Kotaku. It’s out next month, as the game itself ships in the first week of December on consoles and the second week for PC. Expect to pay €269 for the Pro pack.

  • PoP gets Elika trailer

    On Gamershell. It’s just game footage from Prince of Persia, basically, and all looks pretty enough. It’s out on December 5 for 360 and PS3.

  • Altair skin to appear in PoP

    If you go to the trouble of linking your account to your Xbox Live or PSN account, you’ll receive the bonus of an Altair skin in Prince of Persia, Ubi said today. “Prince of Persia is an incredible experience. We’re thrilled to give our loyal fans another way to journey through it,” said producer […]

  • “Significant” DLC planned for Prince of Persia

    Ubi producer Ben Mattes has confirmed that Prince of Persia DLC is very much on the cards. “We certainly have plans for downloadable content, [but] we can’t really say more than that right now,” Mattes told Gamersyde in a video interview. “The intention is to do downloadable content that adds significant value, so I don’t […]

  • PoP movie shown on location in EW interview

    Entertainment Tonight’s broadcast a first look at filming on the Prince of Persia movie set, including a chat with leading man Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s a bit shit, to be honest, but Jake and the woman presenting clearly want to have sex with each other, so that lifts it a bit. Take a look. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • New PoP story trailer released

    After the break. You’re probably going to start seeing a hell of a lot more of this in the next few weeks as Ubi gears up for launch on December 5. Unless you want it on PC, obviously. Take a look.

  • Prince of Persia PC specs aren’t horrendous

    Ubisoft’s released minimum PC spec for Prince of Persia, and they’re not the most wince-worthy. And here they are: Supported OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista Processor: Dual core processor 2.6 GHz Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ or better recommended) RAM: […]

  • Prince of Persia PC slips by a week

    Ubisoft’s confirmed that the PC version of Prince of Persia’s slipped by a week to December 12. The console versions will still arrive on December 5, as previously planned. No reason’s been given for the delay.

  • Prince of Persia – The first 10 minutes in video

    After the break. It’s the first 10 minutes of someone playing Prince of Persia really, really badly. You know who you are. This was shot in London at the Eurogamer Expo this week. Take a look.

  • Prince of Persia: Tons of new footage and interviews

    After the break. It’s a set of five IGN movies on the upcoming Prince game, and it’s all looking very swish. There’s plenty in there from producer Ben Mattes and a lot of new direct-feed footage, so it should keep you happy while you’re chewing your toast. Thanks, MaxConsole.

  • New Prince of Persia video exposes Elika

    After the break. See Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes talk about Elika, what’s she’s there for, how she’s used within the game, and all manner of Elika-related titbits. Game’s out in December. Check it out. By Mike Bowden

  • New Prince of Persia vid shows acrobatics

    The Prince of Persia video below is looking as good as ever and shows the prince prancing around what we imagine to be Persia. Game’s out in December. By Mike Bowden

  • Prince of Persia classic on US PSN this Thursday

    Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia Classic will hit US PSN this Thursday, writes Kotaku. That’s all there is really, no price and no idea if we’ll get it in Europe, I’m afraid. Just passing it on, like. By Mike Bowden

  • Prince of Persia gameplay montage posted

    Following on from the rather excellent, if not slightly emo, TGS video of Prince of Persia, below you can see a couple of minutes of gameplay which is almost as good as the trailer. Or is that better? We can’t really tell any more. It’s been a long day. Make your own minds up. By […]

  • TGS08 – New Prince of Persia trailer released

    After the break. Running, jumping, emo music and probably the best glowing boss ever created. Out in December for 360 and PS3. Looks very cool, no question.

  • New PoP movie shows proper gameplay

    After the break. It does look nice, no question, and the video shows the AI working with Prince by stopping him falling, and so on. Well worth a watch. It’s out in December.

  • Ubi spends $10 million on South Park ad push

    According to this BrandWeek piece, Ubisoft has spent $10 million buying all the US ad space in the first two episodes of the next season of South Park, beginning October 8. The first episode will feature three separate two-minute spots for its flagship Shaun White Snowboarding, Prince of Persia and Farcry 2 titles. The second […]

  • Second PoP dev diary released

    On CVG. There’s some back-story on a new boss in there and a new speed drawing. Also a bit of a chat with the lead animator and producer Ben Mattes. Game’s out at the beginning of December for PC, 360 and PS3.

  • Prince of Persia dated for both US and Europe

    Ubisoft’s confirmed Prince of Persia for release on December 2 in the US and December 5 in Europe. That’s it, really. Go wild.