Onimusha trademark filed by Capcom in Japan

An Onimusha trademark has been filed by Capcom in Japan.

Onimusha headlines

  • Capcom producer: "more important" to focus on new IP than reboots

    Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata has said Capcom isn’t likely to return to Onimusha or Dino Crisis any time soon. “Capcom has obviously never shied away from bringing back our older IPs to new generations, but I do think it’s more important for us to focus on creating new IP as we move forward,” he […]

  • Yoshinori Ono: "Time feels right" to bring back Onimusha

    Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has told IGN that it now “feels right” to bring back the Onimusha series.

  • Capcom discusses Dino Crisis and Onimusha, but no revivals without "incredible" idea

    Here’s hoping they’ve long since fired the guy who suggested it’d be “incredible” to put dinosaurs in space.

  • Rumor: Capcom teaser site is for new Onimusha game [Update]

    If teaser sites aren’t doing your head in just yet, here’s another one for you. This time from Capcom. Apparently, this teaser site just shows dates. Dates that should be familiar to all who have played Onimusha titles. According to the decryption over at 1UP, the dates 1560, 1573, and 1582 flashing across the screen […]

  • Resident Evil is Capcom's best-selling series of all time

    Capcom has listed it’s biggest-selling franchises of all time. It’s filled with no surprises really, but it’s posted below, anyway. You like lists. All figures come from the company’s 2009 fiscal year and combine worldwide sales of all games in each series. Resident Evil – 40 million Mega Man – 28 million Street Fighter – […]

  • Capcom dates Onimusha and Clock Tower films

    According to the Capcom blog, dates have now been put on both the Onimusha and Clock Tower movies. Clock Tower will hit next year, apparently, with Onimusha releasing in 2011. Which is cool. Especially the Clock Tower bit.