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  • Metroid 1.5 design documents are hopelessly lovely

    If you enjoy turning over the bones of the beautiful dead while sobbing piteously, check out these design documents for a rejected “Metroid 1.5″ proposal from Retro Studios.

  • Samus in DoA: Dimensions not playable, can help you, says Team Ninja

    Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayoshi has said that Samus’s appearance in Dead or Alive: Dimensions isn’t a playable one.

  • Metroid: Other M review round-up is go

    Reviews for Nintendo’s Yoshio Sakamoto and Tecmo’s Yusuke Hayashi collaboration on Metroid: Other M started bombarding the net today; we’ve rounded up the scores for you below the break.

  • Sakamoto says Team Ninja collaboration on Metroid: Other M "feels destined"

    Yoshio Sakamoto has said that the reason he and the development team chose Team Ninja to work with on Metroid: Other M was because of the developer’s experience with console titles.

  • Metroid: Other M video is rather awesome

    A new video for Metroid: Other M has been released and it is rather awesome in our book. You can watch it below the break. The best part of it? Samus and Mother Brain towards the end. Good stuff. Metroid: Other M’s out in the US on June 27, and Europe gets it sometime during […]

  • Nintendo dates Metroid: Other M for June 27

    Nintendo’s just date Metroid: Other M for June 27 in the US.

  • Metroid Prime producer hints at future titles for Prime series

    Metroid series producer Kensuke Tanabe has told Kotaku that Retro Studios are considering adding multiplayer to future titles in the Prime series. Hear that kids? He said series. “As all I take part in is the Prime series, I am not capable of commenting on the whole Metroid series,” said Tanabe. “But we will keep […]

  • Retro doesn't rule out possible return to Metroid franchise someday

    During a studio tour of Retro Studios in Texas, IGN chatted a bit with president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh about the possibility of a return to the Metroid franchise. “I think Retro will always be associated with the Metroid Prime franchise and who knows, maybe we’ll do another one someday,” Kelbaugh said. However, he did […]

  • Tecmo kept Other M so secret Koei didn't know it existed

    Nintendo,  Team Ninja, and Tecmo were so secretive regarding the development of Metroid: Other M, that Koei had no idea it existed for some time. Even when the two companies merged, Tecmo was not allowed to disclose the project per the arrangement with Nintendo. No word on when the game became common knowledge. More over […]

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