EA close to deal with Comcast to stream video games through the service – report

EA could be working on a deal with Comcast, which would allow the developer to stream games through the cable service network.

Comcast headlines

  • Report - Nintendo looking at media partners for Wii U

    Nintendo is aiming to bring new media partners onboard for Wii U, according to an AdWeek report.

  • Verizon comments on FiOS TV for 360 rumor

    Verizon’s director of media relations, Bobbi Henson, has commented on yesterday’s rumor that Microsoft, Comcast and Verizon were ironing out a deal which would see Xbox 360 being turned into a cable box of sorts. While Henson wouldn’t say whether or not the rumor was true, she did say to “stay tuned for the future.”

  • DirecTV dumps G4 due to low viewer base

    DirecTV has dropped G4 from its channel line-up after negotiations between the station’s parent company Comcast and the satellite TV provider fell through.