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Brutal Legend 2 could happen if Psychonauts 2 does well

Brutal Legend 2 could be a thing if Psychonauts 2 is a success.

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  • Collector’s Edition of Brütal Legend announced for IndieBox subscribers

    A Collector’s Edition of Brütal Legend is being offered as the October game of the month for IndieBox subscribers.

  • Psychonauts now earning more for Double Fine than at release

    Since it began self-publishing, Double Fine is making more off its back catalogue than ever before.

  • Brutal Legend: Schafer would love to revisit the IP, "Jack Black might be up for it"

    Brutal Legend developer Double Fine never made a sequel to the heavy metal romp, but studio founder Tim Schafer has stressed that he’d love to return to the world via a new game or DLC, and that actor Jack Black would probably be up for coming back.

  • Humble Bundle 9 goes live with Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, Brütal Legend, more

    Humble Bundle 9 is now available and it includes Trine 2: Complete Story, Mark of the Ninja, the beta for Eets Munchies and Brütal Legend. Also, if you pay more than the average price of $4.03 you will unlock FTL: Faster Than Light and FEZ. Sountracks inlcluded in the bundle are Trine 2, Brütal Legend […]

  • The Double Fine Humble Bundle has gone live

    The Double Fine Humble Bundle has launched. The lovely pay-what-you-want pack comes with cross-platform and DRM-free versions of Costume Quest, Psychonauts and Stacking. If ou pay over the $8.28 minimum you will also get Brütal Legend, If you pay $35 or more, you will also be pre-ordering Broken Age, the firm’s Kickstarter project. If you […]

  • Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop adds Brütal Legend axe, Resident Evil 6 enemy teased

    Thanks to a lovely teaser image linking to a Steam page by Capcom Unity this morning, I am now aware of two things: Valve is working on tutorials and examples of how to create content for the Left for Dead 2 Workshop using Bloodshots from Resident Evil 6; and The Brütal Legends Collection for Left […]

  • Schafer: dropping triple-A like being pushed into a pool

    Double Fine boss Tim Schafer has said his company needed a nudge to make the transition from publisher-funded triple-A development to smaller projects.

  • Brütal Legend may get new content on PC

    Beütal Legend is finally making its way to PC, and if it sells well, Double Fine may release content not available for the console versions.

  • Brütal Legend heading to PC, multiplayer beta live on Steam

    Double Fine has announced that Brütal Legend is in multiplayer beta on Steam, and can be preordered for $14.99 – a 25% discount off the release-day price.

  • Brutal Legend may be heading to Steam, we hope

    Throw your devil horns in the air, kiddos, because Brutal Legend may be heading to Steam if CDR database information is any indication over on The Bronasarium. So, yeah, that’s good news for those who’ve been wanting a PC version. Also noted in the database is something call the Double Fine Bundle 2013 which contains […]

  • Double Fine offers discounts on all its wares

    Offbeat indie developer, Double Fine, is currently offering significant discounts on each and every one of its quirky titles across PS3, PC and 360. Hit the break for large-number discount details.

  • Double Fine: adventures into the unknown

    Double Fine has ditched the need for big publishers and the $60 boxed game model. VG247’s Dave Cook speaks to the team to learn more about its grandest adventure yet.

  • Brutal Legend: "There was definitely a messaging problem with that game" - Schafer

    Double Fine’s Tim Schafer has discussed his reluctance to return to big, full priced retail releases, and sheds new light on the mixed messages and jumbled marketing that hindered his metal adventure Brutal Legend.

  • Lewie's Weekly Deals - PS minis, Brutal Legend, XBLA retro shooters

    Here’s your weekly dose of cheap games for all formats. It’s relatively slim pickings this week, but there’s some excellent games that you might have missed first time round for just a few quid each. For your constantly updated guide to gaming on the cheap, make sure to check out This week’s games are […]

  • Brutal Legend was dropped during Activison's Vivendi merger, "I had no involvement" in the decision, says Kotick

    Every gamer on the planet is aware of the drama which unfolded between EA Partners, Double Fine, and Activision over Tim Schafer’s gaming homage to metal, Brutal Legend. When the game was dropped from Activision and picked up by EA, everyone assumed it was a case of the little guy being stepped on by the […]

  • Naughty Dog and Double Fine to present at GDC 2010

    Game Developers Conference organizers announced today that Naughty Dog and Double Fine will both provide presentations at GDC 2010. Five different lectures pertaining to Uncharted 2 and its production will be given by Naughty Dog at the conference, one by director Bruce Straley and co-lead designer Neil Druckmann discussing story and gameplay integration, and the […]

  • Brutal Legend DLC Hammer of Infinite Fate hits December 17

    EA has announced that DLC for Brutal Legend will land on December 17. Called Hammer of Infinite Fate, it contains a series of new skins, weapon upgrades, multiplayer maps and unlockable achievements. You will be able to upgrade Eddie Riggs with three new outfits including the Mountain Man, Black Metal and Zaulia Threads, as well […]

  • More Brutal Legend DLC on the way, says Big Tim

    Tim Schafer’s confirmed that metal adventure Brutal Legend’s to get more content. “We definitely want to do more DLC for both single-player and multiplayer, as well as some tuning patches,” said the developer, speaking to GamePro. That’s it. There’s no detail. There is, however, a fun interview through the link.

  • Tim Schafer talks Brutal Legend reception, playing online, inspiration

    Tim Schafer has told GamePro that despite sales results being readily available for Brutal Legend, he doesn’t want to know how the game is doing until after the holiday are over. His philosophy on matters such as this differ from most, in that he feels his creations sell better via word of mouth as opposed […]

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