You can listen to Transistor’s full soundtrack on YouTube right now

Wednesday, 21 May 2014 15:45 GMT By Sherif Saed

One of Transistor’s other great aspects, much like SuperGiant’s other game, is its music. The studio has made all of the game’s tracks available to listen to on both YouTube and BandCamp.

If for some reason you’re still unsure what Transistor is about or like the music but want to know more about the game, then you can read Dave’s straight to the point review, and have a look at what other critics thought of it in our review round-up.

Now, the developer has made the soundtrack available for you to sample before buying on BandCamp, and its YouTube channel. Similar to Bastion, Darren Korb is the man behind the music.

You can also purchase it from the BandCamp page, and from Steam.

Thanks, Polygon.