Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures removed from digital outlets

Saturday, 18th January 2014 15:44 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures from Telltale Games has been removed from all digital distribution channels due to the expiration of a distribution agreement between the developer and Aardman Studios.

According to Telltale, there are no “plans to renew the agreement at this time.”

If you have already purchased the adventure titles, you can still download them from the cloud via Steam, Telltale’s online store, or XBLA.

Those who purchased it on iOS will have to contact iTunes customer support, and event at that, the “decision to restore the app may be at their discretion,” notes Telltale.

You find instructions on how to redownload the games through the forum link.

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  1. fihar

    Well, that sucks.

    I kinda hate it that Telltale only got really big after doing Walking Dead. Seems to me that just like in films, humor in video games is valued considerably less than gut-wrenching dramas and that for some unknown reason, people seem to think that Walking Dead deserves more credit than Back to the Future.

    And yes, I’m more hyped for their Borderlands game instead of the Game of Thrones one.

    #1 10 months ago
  2. TheWulf


    It’s just the nature of things. There are more behaviourally conditioned zombies than genuinely self aware people, the unwashed masses outnumber the well-read, there are more groups with insane right-wing ideologies than left, there are more audiences who value violence over dialogue, there are more audiences who value the mundane over the fantastic, there are more potty-mouthed sociopaths than empaths, and so on, and so on.

    This is honestly more of an issue than I ever realised, it’s a worse balance than I’d expected.

    It galled me to see just how many people hated Broken Age. Part of it was misogyny (you play a girl at some point, how evil), and part of it was that the setting just went over the heads of so many. They didn’t understand fantastic humour. I can only imagine that these people would have burned the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as some kind of witchery.

    I recall when science-fantasy with good humour was common. The first thing that Broken Age’s quantum knitting technology-based warp and woof drive reminded me of was the Infinite Improbability Drive.

    Yet people hated it. They hated it because it wasn’t mundane, and it challenged them with its brilliance, they didn’t understand it, thus they hated it. The humour just went over the heads of so many. No one really gets jokes like warp and woof drive, and that makes me sad. Though it doesn’t make me at all surprised.

    So… yeah. I bought the Wallace & Gromit games and dug them. I bought them for friends, too. In fact, I think I’ve done that for almost everything in Telltale’s library barring The Walking Dead. To their merit, though, The Wolf Among Us does have quite a bit of good humour. It just feels like they’re trying to meet everyone half way. Humour for the smart people, violence for the stupid ones.

    But yes… this shouldn’t surprise you, at all.

    It’s something I’ve had to get used to. People hated Gone Home, The Novelist, To the Moon, Broken Age, and so many other things for the reasons I listed in my opening paragraph.

    The weird part is that we seem to be heading towards the sterile, white picket fence attitudes of the ’60s. I feel that the average person is becoming more misogynist, more homophobic, and more fascist-loving than ever. It feels like a relapse after the ’90s and early ’00s where we made strides in women’s rights and everyday people were treating LGBTQ people with respect.

    Then the bottom fell out of that.

    It’s almost like the Internet gave marketers the ability to better measure what people truly want. They found out that there are 10 hateful sociopaths to every 1 empath. So they’ve opted towards creating more misogynistic, hateful content again, and violence has been on the rise. So now games like Day of the Tentacle are replaced with Call of Duty.

    I can’t help but feel sometimes that the Internet ruined things, because it gave so many of the wrong kinds of people a voice. So now we’re spiralling backwards. We hit a cultural perigee, and we’re falling, falling, and falling some more.

    The only saving grace being our indies and small, starving devs. Bless ‘em.

    I honestly just wonder when it’s going to get better, because you’ve touched on the source of a lot of my bitterness.

    #2 10 months ago
  3. Tyrantsoul

    @2 Is it fun living in your world of black and white?Seriously I have read some BS comments on here but you take the biscuit.Its just peoples preference.For example I never found Wallace and Gromet very funny.I also do not like the walking dead.I did however like what I saw of Broken Age and I hope it makes it as a game for them.As for your misogyny comment,most gamers could care less if you play as a female.Games like Tomb Raider,Resident Evil,Silent Hill just to name a few.

    I don’t mean to insult you Wulf but it seems to me like you are taking your experience of people from online.Misogyny and homophobia in real life is on the decrease.Most people could care less if someone is gay at this point.

    The downfall of our society is a worry yes,the thing is though its mainly down to people like you,who think because you like certain things that you are somehow better than other people.Sad thing is you don’t see the hypocrisy of it.Its no better than judging someone if the are attracted to a different sex than you.

    Anyway on topic I hope people who have already bought it would still have access to the games.

    #3 10 months ago
  4. sh4dow


    One could ask you whether it is fun living inside your bubble.
    “Misogyny and homophobia in real life is on the decrease”? I guess that must be why there was only fairly recently a streak of suicides among teenagers in the USA who were mostly bullied for being gay.

    Oh and – calling his world view black and white is really quite ironic. And I’ll leave it up to you to probably not think about what the hell I mean by that. Because I got limited time to waste on people who lack even basic grammar skills and spout aggressive things towards thoughtful people.


    Indeed – for the most part. I do find that there is a lot of immaturity in games like To The Moon and Broken Age. They probably would have appealed to me when I was a teenager but by now, I find them too bubbly and their humor too superficial.
    And actually – I stopped playing To The Moon because I even found the humor cruel and insensitive. They kept making fun of the touching story presented. I guess to deal with the drama? But personally, I never was somebody who hid his emotions beneath shallow jokes and I don’t appreciate that in others.
    While I find your assessment of the internet today (and the fact that the offline society is mirrored very closely by now) pretty accurate, I think it should be noted that it wasn’t like that AT ALL about 15 years ago. Back when there were mostly just geeks or at least academics online. It was the first time in my life that I encountered communities where people coexisted peacefully and didn’t regularly bully one another. And you didn’t have aggressive dumb people – or if there were, people didn’t just say “oh, he’s just a troll” but they actively tried to remove him from the community. At least back then, trolls (or simply very hostile people) would at some point still give up when they were banned multiple times.
    Which is why I would never talk badly about the internet – it enabled me to have an amazing social life… for a while. A better one than I ever could’ve thought would be possible. It is really quite sad and pathetic that it turned into what it is now but that doesn’t mean that the concept itself was bad to begin with, as the past demonstrates.

    #4 10 months ago
  5. sh4dow

    Oh yeah


    Well, digital distribution… that’s what happens. Now instead of people going on ebay to get second hand copies of something that isn’t being produced any more, they’ll have to pirate it in order to play it. Amusing, in a way.

    #5 10 months ago
  6. Panthro


    “the unwashed masses outnumber the well-read”

    Yeah, I hate being part of the unwashed masses who like The Walking Dead, that horrid video game which centres around violence and gore… I only wish they had made more of an effort to include more dialogue and interaction with other characters rather than just having one massive gore slide show for 8 hours.

    You are truly a perfect human being who we should all follow, all hail TheWulf… Let us disband our wrongful ways to follow you, Let us all download Wallace and Gromit to experience the incredible gameplay and humour which all of us mouthbreathers never gave a chance because it didn’t include any clay blood.

    I wish we could all be like you… It’s horrible down here in these slums filled with braindead illiterates playing GTA V all day :’(

    #6 10 months ago
  7. Tyrantsoul

    @5 Grammar aside.I was not being aggressive toward him.Just pointing out the fact that when you discriminate against someone for their tastes/believes and then complain about homophobia it is pretty much the pot calling the kettle black is it not?

    Yes it’s sad to see people kill themselves over bullies and such but you have to remember that the USA does not equal the world.Oh and “unwashed masses” and “brain dead zombies” makes him neither thoughtful nor empathic.

    Oh and for the record


    1. The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

    #7 10 months ago
  8. Ireland Michael

    “It’s just the nature of things.”

    No it isn’t.

    “There are more behaviourally conditioned zombies than genuinely self aware people”

    No there isn’t.

    “the unwashed masses outnumber the well-read”

    No, they most certainly don’t.

    ” there are more groups with insane right-wing ideologies than left,”

    No there are not.

    “there are more audiences who value violence over dialogue.”

    Nope. Less than 1% of people are inclined towards this sort of attitude.

    #8 10 months ago
  9. Old MacDonald

    “Seems to me that just like in films, humor in video games is valued considerably less than gut-wrenching dramas and that for some unknown reason, people seem to think that Walking Dead deserves more credit than Back to the Future.”

    Well, that is because it does. Back to the Future was pretty mediocre, and well behind stuff like Sam & Max season three and Tales of Monkey Island in terms of everything from the quality of the writing to the presentation. And The Walking Dead was probably even better; Telltale never really did puzzles well, so it’s really a good thing that they ditched them. I don’t think the fact that one is a zombie drama and the other is a comedy is all that important here. The BTTF-episodes ranged from weak to a bit above average, and it’s obvious that the people who made it did not feel comfortable with the format.

    #9 10 months ago
  10. SplatteredHouse

    “So… yeah. I bought the Wallace & Gromit games and dug them. I bought them for friends, too. In fact, I think I’ve done that for almost everything in Telltale’s library barring The Walking Dead. To their merit, though, The Wolf Among Us does have quite a bit of good humour. It just feels like they’re trying to meet everyone half way. Humour for the smart people, violence for the stupid ones.”

    There were lighter moments to be found in TWD as well. The game encourages players to consider their actions, and portrays the impact on social relation, weighing that up against an urge to survive. You’re just misrepresenting that game. YOU should be aware, with your interest in dialogue over violence, that the zombie monsters are not always the “point” of a work in which they are featured. The creator may be slyly holding up a mirror at the audience (case in point: Dawn of the Dead). A game gives the opportunity to make the choices. Perhaps to consider Which horror is the more dangerous, the one tearing flesh from bone, or the one possibly being openly, casually rife, driving communities apart.

    I wonder why you’re harbouring such a prejudice against a nuanced piece of work on the one hand, while at the other lavishing praise upon and lamenting at the lack of recognition of what you view as, what. Intellectually superior pieces?! Every artist can get a breakout hit. TT worked very hard for theirs. And, when that hit comes, some fans want to see more like that which was released before the groundswell of support – perhaps forgetting that because of the massive rise in interest it is all the more likely that the early releases enjoy a new lease of appreciation and life, from new fans.

    #10 10 months ago
  11. fihar

    I’m not entirely sure how Walking Dead is better than Back to the Future.
    The stylization of the characters is bound to divide opinions, but the script and the voice acting (even down to the Michael J. Fox impersonation) was top-notch.
    Puzzles are a hit-or-miss and even though I kinda thought that puzzles in Back to the Future took a backseat, I’ve always thought that Telltale’s puzzles were quite good, if not slightly inconsistent.

    The fact that one’s an emotional drama set in a world populated by zombies and the other a comedy about a time-traveling duo with a DeLorean time machine matters a lot really.
    Even I could see which one is going to sell more without playing the actual game (and which one will be showered with more praise by critics, assuming that the two are actually of the same quality) which is incredibly ironic as the latter is much more interesting.

    Anyway, opinions are opinions.
    What I don’t like is that Telltale will always be known as the studio that made emotional drama that is The Walking Dead instead of one that has the keen sense to write hilariously witty dialogue with a quirky cast of characters such as those you’d might find in their earlier games. Telltale should make more of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People really.
    These days, quirky for the sake of being quirky is good enough for me.

    #11 10 months ago
  12. fightclubdoll

    I hate seeing Wallace and Gromit games getting left in the dust.
    I have all the XBLA games, so I won’t be losing them…
    Still, this is part of an overall trend for W&G titles.
    I loved the original Xbox games Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Project Zoo, but back compatibility was never extended to them on 360.
    They’re both very fun, challenging even, especially the former.
    I still have the discs and a fully functional original Xbox, but the neglect and what appears to be a climate of apathy for these titles seems very unfortunate, even quite sad, to me.
    (For comparison, I just completed Max: The Curse of Brotherhood on Xbox One and it’s delightful and challenging, but it’s easily less than half the game you get in W&G: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.)
    If the original Xbox W&G games were redone in HD and offered on next-gen, I’d buy them again without hesitation.

    #12 10 months ago
  13. sh4dow


    You called his comment to contain the most bullshit of any here. If that is not aggressive then I don’t know…

    And most co-workers in Europe I’ve had the honor of working with called negative things “gay”. Among other bigotry. It doesn’t take being a US citizen to be intolerant/ignorant. And before you again point out that THIS is an intolerant view to have – I find being tolerant of intolerance quite absurd if one claims to be tolerant.

    #13 10 months ago
  14. Djoenz

    @Wulf and Shadow

    You cant put it in percentages, but mankind is full of sin indeed. Im not gonna bitch about it, but I have met many many ppl in my life and so far a lot are egocentric, selfish and hypocritical.

    But a lot are good too. Dont see it too much in black and white bro. Nobody is perfect. Being a pessimist all the time wont do ya any good. Thinking a lot of people are shite (most are) wont do you any good haha.

    Respect one and another. Its all about respect. You dont have to like everyone.

    #14 10 months ago
  15. Tyrantsoul

    @14 perhaps it did come across as a tad aggressive,I did write it after a long night.As for the gay issue I think tolerance is very much on the increase.Take here for example,30 years ago it was illegal to be gay but nowadays its not a big thing.The term gay as a negative is slang at this point.I bet most people don’t even think what it means when they say it.F**k for exam means forsaken under cardinal knowledge I believe.The very nature of tolerance is to be also tolerant of intolerance due to the fact it is their belief,and to force your belief on them would be intolerant in return.It’s like I said nothing is black or white.

    I do get where you are coming from to a degree Sh4dow.Hell gaming wise I get frowned at when I say Rez is one of my all time favorite games.

    #15 10 months ago

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