Little King’s Story sequel in the works for PS Vita

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 05:17 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Marvelous has announced it will launch a sequel to under-appreciated Wii RPG Little King’s Story on Vita.

Andriasang harvested details of the new game from this week’s Famitsu leaks, revealing the Japanese title as The King, The Demon King and the Seven Princesses: New King Story. Expect that to change if we see localization.

Oddly, Konami is set to publish the game, which Siliconera reports will once again star King Corobo, now in love with Princess Apricot. let’s hope it works out for them.

Little King’s Story was a strange blend of action RPG, construction, management and life sim, following the adventures of a young man in possession of a magic hat which forces obedience on nearby characters. It reviewed well and sold steadily but failed to make a splash. Developer Cing went bust, with both lead creatives joining Grasshopper Manufacture.

Thanks, GamePron.