Dungeons & Dragons Online finally going free-to-play in Europe

Wednesday, 21st July 2010 10:16 GMT By Nathan Grayson


We’re pretty sure the saying doesn’t go, “The best things in life are free – except in some places where they’re not free until a year later.” But here we are anyway.

“We are very excited to announce that Turbine will be expanding its operations and will assume full control of Dungeons & Dragons Online in Europe,” Turbine told Eurogamer.

“Beginning 20th August, all European players can visit the official site to download and play the English version of DDO Unlimited with no monthly subscription required. Turbine’s new German and French service will enter beta before the end of the year.”

Previously, Codemasters played dungeon master to D&D Online’s servers in Europe.

Turbine will also be providing free character transfers to Unlimited’s servers on day one, along with 5000 Turbine Points (nearly a €50/£42 value, according to Turbine) for players who take advantage.

Turbine’s other marquee MMO, Lord of the Rings Online, will also be releasing its iron grip on your wallet this fall, meaning that if monetary concerns were the only barrier between you and massively multiplayer bliss, your social life now has an expiration date. Curse you, Turbine. Dungeons, Dragons, Lords, and Rings? Daylight was overrated, anyway.



  1. LOLshock94

    never heard of this game

    #1 4 years ago
  2. endgame

    it’s been around for quite some time. anyway, what they r doing here, it just shows that it can be done, providing online access without ripping of the customer. ofc, some customers like being ripped off. that’s why they keep playing wow and other similar games.

    #2 4 years ago

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