Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw releasing horror rogue-like The Consuming Shadow

The Consuming Shadow is a new horror rogue-like from Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. It’s currently in beta.

7 years ago

Yahtzee headlines

  • Hasbro Family Game Night is this weeks Live Deal of the Week

    Nelson‘s announced that this week’s Live Deal of the Week is Hasbro Family Game Night.Once 800 MS points, Battleship, Connect 4, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Boggle and Sorry Sliders will retail for 400 MS points for this week.Queue it here.Remember: Gold members only.

    11 years ago
  • Yahtzee moves ahead with Game Damage

    Zero Punctuation ranter Yahtzee’s moved beyond a pilot for Australian games show Game Damage, releasing a round-up video of what to expect from its first season. See it after the break.Looks a lot like the pilot, non-oddly. Not sure when episode one’s going to appear.Thanks, GoNintendo.

    11 years ago
  • Yahtzee pilots "GameDamage" TV show

    Zero Punctuation review man Yahtzee’s made a TV show pilot with some Australian buddies called GameDamage.The 30-minute show’s embedded after the link.It features the Brit down under being told to “settle down” by a co-presenter, a trip to see Edge of Twilight and someone dressed as Master Chief walking round an Australian city.See for yourself.

    12 years ago
  • Hasbro is "embarrassment of riches", says EA

    Speaking here, EA Hasbro Studio boss Chip Lange has backed up yesterday’s partnership announcement with an interview about how simply wonderful the whole deal is. Chip’s properly loving it.Hasbro’s back catalogue is “unmatched by probably any other toy or game IP holder,” he said. “Let’s just put it this way: There are far more brands […]

    13 years ago
  • EA confirms Monopoly and Scrabble

    Looks as though the nuking of Scrabulous last month wasn’t exactly coincidental. EA today confirmed Scrabble and Monopoly for multiple platforms as part of a sizeable deal with Hasbro. Did you know EA had a “Hasbro Studio”?“EA and Hasbro want to give families new ways to enjoy games; we want give them a new way […]

    13 years ago