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  • Saturday shorts - Presidents Day promos, Fruit Ninja sales, Civ V patch, Zelda is 25

    It’s the Presidents Day weekend. Catch up on all the little bits before you go large with the holiday.

  • Will Wright's Bar Karma to debut on Current TV

    Will Wright’s TV show, which has been in the works for some time now, was unveiled this week and it’s called Bar Karma.

  • Report - Will Wright currently at work on television series

    It has been revealed that Will Wright’s currently at work on a television series, according to documents dug up by IGN.

  • Will Wright springs surprise GDC talk

    With practically the last session of the event, Sims and Spore creator Will Wright surprised attendees at GDC by doing a talk at the event.

  • Will Wright: The Wii is great and all, but it belongs in the "toy market"

    Will Wright knows casual gaming. After all, we’re talking about the brain behind The Sims here. He was – in a sense – casual before casual was cool. So when Nintendo cast its net wide and started reeling in mothers, grandparents, and the occasional fitness buff, you can bet that Wright took notice. But even […]

  • Wright's Stupid Fun Club working on three games

    Will Wright’s told Venturebeat that his Stupid Fun Club outfit is currently working on three games. “Right now we are pursuing three pretty aggressively,” he said. “We might get up to four or five. I want to stay pretty focused. We have a lot of ideas that we want to do. But it’s just three […]

  • Will Wright says educational games focus more on the idea instead of the fun

    Will Wright has spoken with the Chronicle of Higher Education regarding educational games and how valuable these products are to the learning process. The games creator says that games are better at inspiring students to learn, rather than educating them. “If you look at what people are doing with this technology it is, or has […]

  • SIGGRAPH 2009 session to focus on graphics in Gears 2 and Fight Night Round 4

    Gaming will have a larger impact than ever before at this year’s  SIGGRAPH conference, with Will Wright giving a keynote and game graphics being discussed in a special session. The annual meeting of digital artists conference has a special gaming session titled “Big, Fast, and Cool: Making the Art for Fight Night Round 4 & […]

  • Will Wright says that balance is the key to team building

    Will Wright sat down and had a chat with the New York Times regarding hiring team members, and what he looks for when deciding on who welcome into the fold. One of the things he tries to focus on is diversity, whether it be a recent college graduate, or “veteran” with many years of experience […]

  • Mr T and Will Wright to fight Nazis in game

    Amazingly, we’re not joking. Zootfly is making a game involving Mr T, Will Wright and some Nazis. From a press release: The first game will see Mr. T take on Nazis and their gigantic machines in the varied universe of South American rain forests, lost ancient cities, industrial complexes and contemporary military installations. Along with […]

  • Spector: I changed Will Wright's mind on importance of Cloud gaming

    Warren Spector convinced Will Wright at GDC that Cloud gaming’s going have a giant impact on the trade. The famed developers went toe-to-toe on the issue during the Luminaries Lunch at the Californian show last month. “For the first time in my life, at least, I actually got Will Wright to admit that I was […]

  • Wil Wright still involved in the Spore franchise, is now an EA consultant

    Will Wright has confirmed to GameDaily that his involvement with Spore is ongoing, despite leaving EA. When asked if he had plans to revisit his hold franchises, he said he has entered into a consulting agreement with the publisher. “I don’t think it was widely reported, but alongside this whole [Stupid Fun Club] thing, I […]

  • Wright to announce new projects in the coming "months"

    Will Wright’s told Gamespot that the first Stupid Fun Club projects are to be announced in the coming months. The designer confirmed he’s leaving EA to start the company yesterday. The firm’s described as n “entertainment think tank”. “I think it’ll be a few months away,” Wright said on the subject of announcements. “It’s going […]

  • GDC: "Cloud is a great opportunity," says Wright

    Spore-creator Will Wright has told VG247 that he believes Cloud will work if supported properly by developers and publishers, and that the concept represents a “great opportunity” for the industry. “In the future, if people are really browsing these things, it’s a great opportunity,” he said, talking of Cloud-based systems like OnLive, which was announced […]

  • GDC: VG247 liveblog from the Luminaries Lunch!

    We’re about to go live with coverage from David Perry’s Luminaries Lunch, this year featuring Will Wright, Warren Spector, Nolan Bushnell, Rob Pardo and, the man himself “Big” Dave Perry. The session is the biggest of the big guns waxing lyrical on dev issues. You may well be in for some surprises, so keep those […]

  • GDC: Luminaries Lunch liveblog at 1.00pm PST, featuring Will Wright and Warren Spector

    The Iwata keynote may be over, but don’t you dare touch that dial. We’ll be liveblogging the Luminaries Lunch at 1pm PST today, and the line-up’s stellar. Will Wright, Warren Spector, Nolan Bushnell, Rob Pardo and David Perry will all be on the panel: you’re guaranteed to get some monster quotes. That’s 1.00pm PST, 8.00pm […]

  • Will Wright to keynote SIGGRAPH

    Gama reports that Will “Spore/Sims” Wright is to talk at this year’s SIGGRAPH conference in New Orleans in August. Apparently, he’ll be rapping about how game development influences other industries. “His selection to give a keynote presentation this year is a perfect fit as SIGGRAPH 2009 integrates gaming as an expanded focus of the conference,” […]

  • GDC 2009: Wright, Harrison and Pardo confirmed for Perry's Luminaries Lunch

    It’s so on. VG247 has learned this morning that Will Wright, Warren Spector, Neil Young, Rob Pardo and Phil Harrison are all confirmed for Dave Perry’s Luminaries Lunch at GDC next month. The chat takes place on March 25 at 1.00pm PST. The inaugural event at last year’s GDC bore witness to some spectacular quotes […]

  • ...and we're back - Christmas news round up

    Happy New Year. We’re glad we shut down over Christmas. You didn’t miss a whole lot. By far the most important story over the break was news that Free Radical cut its workforce by 140 to just 40. The developer was confirmed as being in administration just before the Christmas holiday. Speaking to 1UP, Cameron […]

  • Will Wright working on new project

    Will Wright’s confirmed to Joystiq that he’s already working on a brand new game. “I’m working on a big new project that I’m very excited about, but I don’t want to talk about it yet because if it takes three years to come out I don’t want people saying ‘Wow, he’s been talking about that […]

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