Vagrant Story

Yasumi Matsuno says he didn’t depart Level-5 over health issues

Crimson Shroud developer and former Square Enix developer Yasumi Matsuno has taken to Twitter to alleviate fan’s fears that health issues were behind his departure from Level-5. According to Matsuno, he is “in perfect health,” and is “just taking a little time to recharge before my next project.” Concerns over returning health issues seems to […]

8 years ago

Vagrant Story headlines

  • Vagrant Story to arrive on the US PSN this week

    Vastly underrated PSOne classic Vagrant Story is hitting the US PlayStation Network at last. Ring out the bells.

    9 years ago
  • Vagrant Story out on PSP and PS3 this week [Update]

    Did you know Vagrant Story was releasing for PSP and PS3 in Europe this week? We didn’t. And yet it’s true. It’s a crazy world we live in.The dungeon-crawling RPG was first released in 2000, and is a bit of a classic. You’d do well to give it a waz.Thanks, Spiral.Update: Bad news. We’ve just […]

    11 years ago