Quick Quotes: UT3 looks “even better” running in Flash than retail version

“I can’t blame you if you couldn’t imagine a Facebook game at the level of Unreal Tournament 3 before today. We’re not just talking about triple-A console quality on the web, we’re actually showing it onscreen, in a web browser, playing inside Flash. We chose as our demo a fully playable level from Unreal Tournament […]

Ut3 headlines

  • Epic patches PS3 UTIII a week early, minus a few goodies

    Epic has patched the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III a week early–but apparently the update’s not as large as planned. Originally to be released March 5, the date was changed to March 19 due to the certification process taking time. Now, Epic plans on releasing a second patch containing the goodies left out of […]

  • Epic working on "major expansion" for UT3

    Epic boss Mark Rein’s told Eurogamer that the developer is currently working on a big content update for Unreal Tournament, and that Midway will remain the series publisher for now. “Midway is still very much the publisher of Unreal Tournament 3,” said Rein. “In fact, we’re working together on a major expansion to Unreal Tournament […]

  • Unreal Tournament III 360 releases in Europe

    Midway’s dropped a friendly nudge that the Xbox 360 version of UTIII is now available in Europe. The game features split-screen play over the PS3 version, five new maps and two new characters. No user mods, though. Press release after the link.

  • UT3 to launch in US on July 7

    According to this Joystiq report, the 360 version Unreal Tournament 3 will release in America on July 7. There’s still no release date for Europe as yet, although Play is listing the game as a July 4 release. We’ll know soon enough.

  • New UT3 360 screens released

    On Destructoid. There’s still no solid release date for the game, unfortunately, but we’re promised the new SKU this summer. Shouldn’t be too long.

  • Gears of War 2 video to be included with 360 UT3

    As you can see from this listing on Play.com, the Gears of War 2 treat to be included with the 360 version of UT3 is, in fact, video content. It’s out in July according to this listing, although we’re not sure Midway’s ever announced a date for it. There’s no indication as to whether or […]

  • Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 gets 20 new maps

    A 20-strong batch of new Unreal Tournament maps has been released for the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3. You can get them on GamersHell. And that’s that.

  • Rein strikes red line through "40 million UTIII pirates" story

    Epic VP Mark Rein has confirmed that a story claiming he said Unreal Tournament III’s PC servers had been hit by 40 million pirated keys is incorrect. “I don’t recall saying that particular number,” he said, speaking to videogaming247. “We’ve certainly had lots of invalid attempts to access our servers and piracy is definitely a […]

  • 40 million pirate attempts to access UTIII servers says Rein

    This TG Daily report reckons Epic’s received more than 40 million attempts to access Unreal Tournament servers using pirated keys, claiming the figure came from studio boss Mark Rein. That’s a world’s worth of piracy, right there. No idea how legit this is, but we’ll drop the man himself a mail and ask.

  • Rein cagey on UTIII 360 mod distribution

    In an OXM interview this week, Epic boss Mark Rein confirmed that user mods will be coming UTIII 360 in some shape or form, although exact details were still being ironed out. “We know some of these great mods are going to play a role on Xbox 360, even if we have to get some […]

  • First trailer of UT3 360 released, game dated as "summer"

    See it after the link. As you can see, at the end of the video a man who clearly smokes to much pegs the 360 version of Epic’s shooter for a summer release date. According to this IGN piece, it’s going to have split-screen and five new maps over the PS3 and PC versions. The […]

  • We do have a release date for UT3 360, says Rein

    Epic boss Mark Rein has told videogaming247 that the company does know a release date for Unreal Tournament 3 on Xbox 360, but you’re going to have to wait a little longer to get it. “We do, but I don’t think we put it out yet,” said Rein when asked if the SKU had a […]

  • Huge UT3 patch releasing March 27

    Epic just confirmed a massive list of fixes to be delivered to the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 on March 27. The update has passed certification and will release for both the European and US versions. Take a look here.

  • GDC: Video interview with Epic heads

    Here. Mark Rein, Tim Sweeney and Cliff Bleszinski all being interviewed after last night’s demo of the Unreal Engine and the Gears of War 2 announcement. The picture quality’s very jumpy but you can hear what’s going on well enough.

  • Unreal Tournament 3 has sold 1.2 million units, says Epic

    UT3 has sold more than you think. Or maybe it hasn’t. Maybe we’re just naive. “Factoring in the launch of the PS3 version in North America on the 11th December, Midway has already shipped over 1.2 million units of this fantastic FPS,” Midway said in a press release today. The PlayStation 3 version of Epic’s […]

  • UT3 PS3 for February Euro launch

    So says this. Midway’s now confirmed that the PS3 version of UT3 will hit Europe on February 22. The PC SKU shipped last November. There’s still no announcement on the Xbox 360 version, although Epic boss Mark Rein suggested that we should hear something soon last week. Considering the studio has the second largest stand […]

  • UT3 mods for Xbox 360 unconfirmed: Rein

    Epic boss Mark Rein has said in an interview that user-generated mods for the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 – which still has no release date – is still subject to Microsoft approval. PS3 users have been enjoying the feature since the game released for the console last Christmas. “Not yet but we’re […]