Twin Galaxies

Billy Mitchell stripped of all high scores and banned by Twin Galaxies

Billy Mitchell, or “King of Kong” if you will, has been stripped of his Donkey Kong records by Twin Galaxies.

Twin Galaxies headlines

  • Steve Wiebe is once again king of Donkey Kong Jr.

    Steve Wiebe had reclaimed his Donkey Kong Jr. crown after having it stolen by Oklahoma-based Mark Kiehl last fall.

  • Old game, new champ: Pac-Man world record topped

    Wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka, wakka. We’d be rushing too, if it meant putting an end to that infernal – though undoutedly iconic – 8-bit sound effect. Recently, the aptly-named David Race did just that and crossed the classic quarter-muncher’s finish line in three hours, 41 minutes, and 22 seconds. Race zipped right past previous […]

  • Steve Wiebe sets new Donkey Kong Jr. record

    Steve Wiebe has set a new Donkey Kong Jr. record, according to Twin Galaxies. The King of Kong star surpassed Ike Hall’s previous score of 1,033,000 with a massive 1,139,800. Loads of patience there we reckon. Attendees at E3 this year can watch Wiebe try for the fourth time to break Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong […]