Harmonix started life with $100,000 funding in 1995

This is how easy it can be. Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy have told CNN that Harmonix’s initial cash input was peanuts scrounged from personal contacts. “We raised an initial round of capital from friends and family, meager by today’s standards – $100,000 – but it lasted us a whole year because I was still […]

Time-travel headlines

  • Darkest of Days dev diary discusses folly of time-travel

    A Darkest of Days dev diary, narrated by Aaron Schurman, is posted after the break. In it, he talks about how the game is “genre-bending”, discusses the time-travel plot, and why changing time is bad. Phantom EFX and 8monkey Labs will release the game sometime this year for PC and Xbox 360.