Capcom: No more historic fighters “in development”

Capcom’s told VG247 that its not currently working on any more updates to its historic fighting games, but will almost certainly revisit its older scrapper titles in the future. “I’ll be honest: right now we have nothing in development, but we’ve been pleased with how our fighting games have performed and our re-releases have performed, […]

10 years ago

SSFIITHDR headlines

  • "No plans" for MvC2 or SSFIITHDR on PC, says Capcom

    Street Fighter IV may have made its way to PC, but if you’re waiting for more recent Capcom fighters on your desktop you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. “To get to Marvel Vs Capcom 2, there are no plans to bring it to PC, nor are there plans to bring HD remix to PC,” said […]

    10 years ago