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  • Time does top 10 games of 2008, GTA IV is top

    Time Magazine has published its top ten video games of the year, with GTA IV at number one. “It’s a grade-A shoot-’em-up that doubles as an interactive novel and triples as a sly critique of American consumer culture,” says the piece. Jonathon Blow’s platformer Braid comes in at number two, while LittleBigPlanet takes third. The […]

  • New Spore patch available now

    To celebrate the release of the Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack, EA’s put out a new patch containing 24 new limbs for the Creature Creator. You can get the update here. In additional, the patch adds the following: Fix for esc key not bringing up Options in Galaxy Game Entry Fix for creator backgrounds […]

  • Time says Spore in 20th best invention of 2008

    Time magazine has named Spore the 20th best invention of 2008, saying, “It’s blasphemy, brilliance or both to take the entire evolution of a species — from a single-celled animalcule in a drop of water to a space-faring, galaxy-exploring sentient being — and turn it into a video game.” The retail DNA test was top […]

  • EA confirms new Space phase expansion for Spore

    According to this Joystiq report, EA’s confirmed a new Space phase expansion for Spore, to ship next spring. The new product is in addition to the now-confirmed Creepy & Cute parts pack, releasing in the US in November. Apparently “players’ space faring creatures will be able to beam down from their spaceships to explore new […]

  • Spore Creepy & Cute parts add-on confirmed by EA

    EA’s posted a listing for the previously rumoured Creepy & Cute Spore add-on on its US store, says Joystiq. You won’t be able to see it if you’re in Europe thanks to EA’s insane web skillz, but rest assured it’s happening. It’s out on November 18 in the US, priced $20.

  • "Cute and Creepy" Spore expansion pack listed by US retailers

    Both GameStop and Amazon are listing a Cute and Creepy creature parts expansion pack for spore, and both are listing it for a November 18 release. There’s no detail outside of that, unfortunately. Expect months of savage debate about how many times you can install the disc to follow its launch.

  • Spore DRM ban comments made by "over-zealous community volunteer"

    EA’s moved to address comments made by a Spore forum mode regarding banning users that caused “arguments” over DRM issues, saying the person involved doesn’t work for the publisher and was speaking out of turn. “These comments are absolutely not true or in-line with EA’s moderation policy,” an EA spokesperson told Kotaku. “They were made […]

  • Spore breaks 1 million sales

    EA’s announced that Spore’s gone through the 1 million sales mark. “Spore is a hit,” said EA Games president Frank Gibeau. “Will Wright’s latest delivers an incredibly diverse game that appeals to casual gamers and the core alike. “We’re off to a great start moving into the holiday season and believe Spore will deliver a […]

  • EA sued over Spore DRM

    A class action has been filed against EA regarding Spore DRM, as reported by GamePolitics. According to this CNS piece: Electronic Arts, a leading maker of computer games, defrauds consumers through its “Spore” game, which “completely wipes their hard drive” and replaces it with an undisclosed program that prevents the computer from operating under some […]

  • Spore DRM talk bring ban threats from EA

    Oh dear. EA’s threatened to ban users from its official Spore forums for causing “arguments” about DRM. This doesn’t just mean banning from the forums: this means having your account banned, thus rendering you unable to play your copy of the game. Yep: that means you’d have to buy another copy if you wanted to […]

  • Spore gets first patch

    Spore’s been patched, the game’s official site reports, adding a good load of features and fixes. Stuff you get: New Cheat: “evoadvantage”. Enter this cheat when are starting a new Creature game to choose any creature from the Sporepedia. Start a new game with one of your more evolved creatures! Display part statistics when you […]

  • EA to allow multiple accounts for each Spore install

    According to this BigDownload story, Spore producer Lucy Bradshaw has confirmed that EA is to allow multiple accounts per install of the Maxis game. “We are going to add the ability to have multiple Spore Screen Names for any one Spore Online Account,” she said in an unlinked forum post. “Here’s how this will work: […]

  • EA shows less than 1% try to install Spore on more than three PCs

    Data released by EA has shown that less than 1 percent of Spore buyers have thus far tried to install the game on more than three computers. The figures have been published in response to apparent rage at DRM measures applied to the sim. There’s a big update on the issue on MTV, with responses […]

  • EA on Spore DRM debacle: There's been no change in basic policy

    Speaking to Gamasutra, EA’s said that Spore’s DRM system is essentially the same as the disc-and-key method used in previous games. “EA has not changed our basic DRM copy protection system,” said EA’s corporate communications boss, Mariam Sughayer. “We simply changed the copy protection method from using the physical media, which requires authentication every time […]

  • Rosenberg - Spore DRM features were "seriously misguided"

    Are you getting this yet, EA? CNET’s Dave Rosenberg has called Spore’s DRM measures “seriously misguided” and “plain-old offensive.” “The video game industry remains one of the last hold-outs in the war against consumption. Instead of encouraging more use, EA royally botched the launch of Spore with a seriously misguided DRM choice,” said the journalist. […]

  • Spore seeing "extraordinary" levels of piracy

    According to peer-to-peer research firm Big Champagne, levels of piracy surrounding Spore are off the chart, with more than 35,000 copies of the game being leeched on Wednesday this week alone. “The numbers are extraordinary,” said company boss Eric Garland. “This is a very high level of torrent activity even for an immensely popular game […]

  • One account for Spore per household policy causes anger

    It’s been apparently confirmed that each household may only have one Spore account per copy, creating a large thread on the game’s official forum and throwing yet another bone on the “PC protection issue” pile. This obviously means that parents can’t be playing different games to their children on the same computer. “There is one […]

  • Anti-Spore site launches, cites "attack on Christian values"

    An anti-Spore site has launched in direct protest of the game’s “attack on Christian values,” calling itself Antispore.com. This is our favourite bit: You would think that as a member of the Episcopal Church, a smart man like Will Wright would not be capable of creating Spore. However, we must be reminded that the Episcopal […]

  • Spore doesn't support MacBooks made before 2007

    We’ll put this down to being “unfortunate.” According to this GhostRazor story, Spore will only run on MacBooks made post-2007. Before then, Apple was making Macbooks with the GMA 950 graphics card embedded, after which it was upgraded to the GMA X3100. Spore explicitly does not support the GMA 950 on OSX: the best part […]

  • Spore customers sabotage Amazon score over "draconian" DRM

    Disgruntled Spore buyers have launched one star Amazon scores at Spore en bloc over the fact you can only install each copy of the game three times. The title’s security system have been branded “draconian” and “a show-stopper” by the hundreds of negative reviewers. Maybe someone should get the message? You can torrent Spore for […]

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