Space Channel 5

Space Channel 5 VR will let you dance with aliens on February 25

Classic Sega hero Ulala returns later this month in a new virtual reality outing.

4 months ago

Space Channel 5 headlines

  • Space Channel 5 Twitter fires into life

    A Japanese Space Channel 5 Twitter account has opened, claiming to be an official representative of the long-dormant rhythm action brand.

    7 years ago
  • Dreamcast Collection due late February

    Sega has announced the Dreamcast Collection for PC and Xbox 360 is to be released next month, permitting those whose faithful consoles have curled up and died the chance to revisit several classic titles including Space Channel 5: Part 2 and SEGA Bass Fishing.For those born too late to appreciate this bit of awesome-sauce, please […]

    9 years ago
  • No more Space Channel 5, says Mizuguchi

    Did anyone expect there to be? Tetsuya Mizuguchi has told Eurogamer that he isn’t going to remake Space Channel 5, despite having reworked Rez.“I don’t feel like there’s a really special reason to remake Space Channel 5 now,” said the developer.“It’s not like Rez. Rez is an experience game – the physical experience is very […]

    12 years ago