Sacred 2: Ice & Blood

Cursed Forest spotlighted in new Sacred 2: Ice and Blood video

A video showing off Sacred 2’s Ice and Blood expansion on PC has surfaced over on CVG. Watching it, you will become privy to the new Cursed Forest area. The expansion adds more to the world of Ancaria with two new regions and over 30 hours of additional gameplay, but a new playable character is […]

10 years ago

Sacred 2: Ice & Blood headlines

  • Sacred 2 video for Ice & Blood expansion shows dragons

    The Ice & Blood expansion for Sacred 2 is expected to arrive for PC on August 28 – for Germany only. Until the rest of the globe gets it, we will just have to be content to watch the first video for it. Watch it over on Shack.

    10 years ago
  • Sacred 2 add-on Ice & Blood announced - first shots

    PCGames has posted the first screens and details of Sacred 2 expansion Ice & Blood. It contains new quests, two new areas, new enemies and new items for each of the characters. Watch for it in the back half of this year.

    10 years ago