NPD: 90% of game sales during Q3 2009 happened at retail

The NPD Group has revealed that 90 percent of all new and used console sales, add-ons, song packs and rentals were made from physical retail or rental services during the third-quarter of 2009.

11 years ago

Rentals headlines

  • Belgians not "banning" games rentals, says Belgian

    The Belgian Entertainment Association has clarified reports that game rentals are to be banned in Belgium next month, saying that the issue isn’t with retailers offering games to rent, rather than with retailers buying games for sale then renting them out.“What’s happening is that video rental stores are declining in popularity, and because of this […]

    12 years ago
  • Games rentals banned in Belgium

    According to this De Standaard piece, games rentals will be banned in Belgium as of December 1.Gamemania – the largest specialist game retailer in Belgium – says in the piece that rentals make up 10 percent of its revenue.Apparently the practice has always been illegal in the country, but has been tolerated until now.No longer. […]

    12 years ago