Price Fixing

Nintendo EU fine reduced by £30 million

A 2002 EU price-rigging fine against Nintendo has been dropped by nearly £30 million on appeal.EU judges said the parent company should benefit from the same discount on its penalty as that already granted to John Menzies, Nintendo’s UK distributors.The ruling reduces the original fine of £134 million to £107 million.More on Channel 4.

11 years ago

Price Fixing headlines

  • Sharp fined for DS screen price-fixing

    According to this Edge report, Sharp’s been fined 261.07 million yen ($3 million) for suspected price-fixing of the LCD displays used in DS Lite.The Japan Fair Trade Commission accused Sharp of violating the country’s Antimonopoly Act by colluding with Hitachi to control the price of the screens.The fine’s due by March 19.More detail through there.

    11 years ago
  • Crackdown on "treasure island" UK pricing

    The European Commission’s launching an investigation into why various items cost more in the UK for no apparent reason, according to this. PlayStation 3’s pricing is one of the first things mentioned in the article.“Sony’s British launch price for the 60GB version of the PlayStation 3 console last year was £425, some 27 per cent […]

    12 years ago