Peter Tamte

Breach, Six Days in Fallujah and the state of the modern FPS

There’s something strange going on in the world of the military shooter right now. Call of Duty: Black Ops has recently become the biggest entertainment launch in history. Medal of Honor made the news by virtue of being set in a current conflict. And yet there is a groundswell of feeling that the genre is […]

9 years ago

Peter Tamte headlines

  • Atomic: Six Days in Fallujah is "not complete"

    Atomic Games president Peter Tamte has revealed that Six Days in Fallujah is not “complete” and reports stating such were “lost in translation”.

    10 years ago
  • Atomic hopes Six Days in Fallujah will have the "opportunity to change expectations"

    Atomic Games’ Peter Tamte told attendees during his keynote at the Triangle Game Conference that he hopes Six Days in Fallujah will “change expectations of what a video game can be” and that this sort of documentary style gaming is an immersive story-telling tool. “Every form of media has grown by producing content about current […]

    11 years ago
  • Konami to release game based on 2004 Fallujah battle

    Konami’s announced Six Days in Fallujah, a third-person tactical shooter based on 2004’s battle for the Iraqi city that left 38 US soldiers and 1,200 opposition forces dead, according to this LA Times report. American developer Atomic Games is developing the title, which will release in 2010. Said Atomic boss Peter Tamte: “For us, the […]

    11 years ago