Zynga to close four games,

As part of its ongoing cost-cutting measures, social publisher Zynga will shutter four more games and web portal by the end of next month.

OMGPop headlines

  • Former OMGPOP dev "Not surprised at all" by Zynga lay-offs

    Zynga shuttered Draw Something developer OMGPOP yesterday as part of a mass round of lay-offs, and one former employee has explained the sense of relief at the studio once the order came down the corporate pipe, stating that no one was surprised by the move.

  • Draw Something creators OMGPOP shuttered amid Zynga lay-offs

    Draw Something creators OMGPOP have shuttered during a run of mass lay-offs at parent company Zynga.

  • Draw Something 2 releases in US today

    Zynga, who acquired OMGPOP last year, have confirmed that Draw Something 2 is now available in the US for iOS devices. The sequel will feature a live social feed, player’s own gallery, a Free Draw mode that allows players to draw whatever they desire and share it with friends, new drawing tools and many new […]

  • OMGpop founder and Zynga New York head Dan Porter has left the firm

    OMGpop founder and Zynga New York head Dan Porter is leaving the company as is to be replaced by vice president of mobile, Sean Kelly. Porter came on board when Zynga purchased his Draw Sopmtheing studio for$180 million, and his tenure has a few controversial moments: one of which was an open letter regarding claims […]

  • Draw Something passes 100 million downloads

    Draw Something owner Zynga has revealed that the doodling mobile app has been downloaded over a 100 million times since it launched.

  • Zynga lets another key member leave

    Wilson Kriegel has left Zynga. The former OMGPop chief revenue officer joined the company when it acquired the Draw Something developer in March 2012.

  • CBS picks up Draw Something pilot

    CBS has ordered a TV game show on Draw Something, after being introduced to the unscripted pilot based on the OMGpop and Zynga‚Äôs game. The project was executive produced by Ryan Seacrest and Michael Davies, and each week teams of celebrities and actual players of the game will play it before a studio audience for […]

  • Report - Zynga looking to add more draw-able brand items to Draw Something

    An AdAge report states Zynga plans to add brands into Draw Something as word items for players to draw. The firm is currently selling advertisers the option to include branded item names into the game, starting with the National Hockey League. Granted, you can already draw Doritos and KFC in the game – as our […]

  • Analyst firm reports 5 million DAU decline in Draw Something

    A report from analyst group App Data suggests daily usage for Draw Something has fallen by five million users in one month. The 33% decline comes on the heels of the Zynga buyout of OMGPop which saw the social game firm outbidding other interested parties with a $210 million acquisition. The title continues to fall […]

  • Zynga: OMGPop acquisition a "rare instance"

    Zynga CEO Mark Pincus has said the buyout of Draw Something developer OMGPop was what he called a “rare instance” for the company.

  • Draw Something adds Facebook and Twitter sharing

    Zynga has pushed out a free update to the iOS version of Draw Something which allows players to save and share their own drawings.

  • Zynga expects more OMGPop-like acquisitions in the next three to five years

    Zynga expects more acquisitions on the scale of OMGPop within the next three to five years, according to company executives. Speaking with Bloomberg, the firm said the $180 million it doled out for the Draw Something developer wasn’t a one-off, as “a few” more deals are planned for the future. “We love finding great, accomplished […]

  • Draw Something surpasses 50 million downloads in 50 days

    Draw Something has surpassed 50 million downloads in just 50 days. Released in February, the game quickly became a hit with iPhone and Android users with 6 million drawings created, and on launch day alone, three draws per second were recorded. That figure is now at 3,000 drawings per second. The game is now owned […]

  • Zynga paid $180m for OMGPOP according to SEC filing

    While it’s not $200 million, it sure is damned close: SEC filings dug up by show that Zynga paid a whopping $180 million in cash for Draw Something maker OMGPOP. Analysts and insiders earlier this week suggested the figure would range between $200- $210 million. Draw Something has been downloaded over 35 million times […]

  • OMGPOP made over 35 games before Draw Something blew up

    Draw Something is such a massive success that Zynga bought its developer, OMGPOP, for an estimated $200 million – but like Rovio, OMGPOP had plenty of misses before its one big hit.

  • EA stock drops in wake of Zynga OMGPOP buyout

    Analysts and investors expected EA to snap up OMGPOP, and aren’t happy to see Zynga stepping up to the plate instead.

  • Zynga plopping down a cool $200M for Draw Something maker OMGPOP

    It has been confirmed that Zynga has purchased Draw Something maker OMGPOP. According to a report on ArsTechnica, via AllThingsD, the offer from the firm is worth around the $210 million mark.

  • Rumour - Zynga making moves on Draw Something publisher

    Trade whispers say Zynga is the most aggressive suitor of a number of companies eager to snap up OMGPop.

  • Draw Something is the top grossing iPhone app

    OMGPop’s lightweight Pictionary-like Draw Something is the biggest earner on the App Store.