Morrisons goes discount heavy on hardware bundles – £150 PS3 and 360, Wii for £85

UK retailer Morrisons has discounted a bunch of hardware bundles as part of a new in-store hardware deal, including PS3s for £150. Also in the offer is a £150 250Gb Xbox 360, Wii and Mario Kart for £85. There’s more details on the new deals on MCV.

8 years ago

Morrisons headlines

  • Tesco, Morrisons going sub-£120 3DS before tomorrow's price-cut

    UK supermarkets Tesco and Morrisons have jumped the gun and cut the price of 3DS ahead of the handheld’s official price-cut in the west from tomorrow. Tesco has slashed its price to £115 (via EG), while Morrisons are going with £120, both of which are effective from tomorrow. Games from the latter are being priced […]

    9 years ago
  • The Halo: Reach launch - midnight openings, review scores, supermarket pricing, more

    After ten years working on the IP, Bungie says farewell to Halo with the launch of its final game, Halo: Reach, at midnight tonight. Want to know about the openings? Planing on getting it with a fresh loaf down at the supermarket in the morning? We’ve got you covered.

    9 years ago
  • FIFA 10 is out today - get it for £25 in UK supermarkets

    FIFA 10 is out today in case you haven’t noticed. If you haven’t bought it yet, chances are you need to check your local Tesco. According to MCV, the UK supermarkets are dropping the game down to either just below or over £25. Tesco is doing it for £24.97, Morrisons are selling it for £24.99, […]

    10 years ago
  • PS3 FIFA 09 cut to £25 at Morrisons

    According to this MCV story, UK supermarket Morrisons has cut the price of the PS3 version of FIFA 09 to £25. The Xbox 360 version is to remain at £40, the piece says. The promotion will run for two weeks. “This offer was a last minute decision,” explained a Morrisons spokesperson. More through the link.

    11 years ago
  • Morrissons' move could turn into "bloody war," says analyst

    Speaking with the Guardian, Altium Securities’ David O’Brien reckons that Morrissons’ decision to slash prices is a shot across the bows of supermarket competitors in the UK. “The opening salvo is what could turn out to be a very bloody war,” said O’Brien in a seller’s note. “Game Group has a price promise and as […]

    11 years ago
  • Morrisons begins half price sale

    According to this GI story, UK supermarket Morrisons is now offering chart games at half price. Snip: During the sale, all Nintendo DS chart games cost GBP 12 each, Nintendo Wii chart games are GBP 15 each and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 chart games are GBP 25. “We’re promoting PS3, Wii, DS and Xbox […]

    11 years ago