Monado - Beginning Of The World

Xenoblade still listed as TBA on Nintendo’s 2011 Release Calendar

There’s hasn’t been much heard about Xenoblade since it was called Monado: Beginning of the World and announced back in 2009 along with DSi XL. However, it’s still on Nintendo’s list of upcoming releases, fret not.

9 years ago

Monado - Beginning Of The World headlines

  • Dunaway hits around about Zelda, can't confirm The Last Story release

    NOA’s Cammie Dunaway has said that the company is going to have a “good back half of the year” in terms of game releases, and this possibly includes the new Zelda game.

    10 years ago
  • New Wii RPG Monado - Beginning Of The World unveiled

    A new Nintendo first party Wii RPG was unveiled at E3 last week called Monado – Beginning Of The World and we’re astounded we missed it, as judging by the footage (after the break) it looks very good indeed. Apart from some screenshots, there’s no other info on Nintendo’s official E3 page. More soon hopefully. […]

    11 years ago