Mindy Mount

MS: Full Natal line-up to be shown at E3

In case you were under any illusion that Microsoft’s E3 this year was going to be light on Natal, consider it shattered: you’re going to see more than your fair share.

10 years ago

Mindy Mount headlines

  • Company bosses eye cautious growth in 2009

    As reported by Reuters, a slew of games industry heads said at the BMO Capital Markets interactive entertainment conference in New York yesterday that they remain optimistic about sales this Christmas and are expecting general growth again next year.“I think it’s going to hold up a lot better than other industries,” said Mindy Mount, chief […]

    12 years ago
  • Microsoft looks to 100 million consoles with 360, NPD to show 2:1 ratio to PS3 for October

    Speaking at today’s annual BMO Capital Markets Interactive Entertainment Conference, Microsoft entertainment division CFO Mindy Mount insinuated that Xbox 360 is to become a 100 million-selling machine.Mount said that by the end of this month, Microsoft predicts the console’s global installed base will reach 25 million units, surpassing that of the first Xbox.“It’s a great […]

    12 years ago