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GDC: Rockstar should have had more ‘realistic expectations’ for The Lost and Damned, says Pachter

We met up with Michael Pachter at GDC yesterday. In return for us showing him where to pick up his badge and sneaking him into the Luminaries Lunch, he told us why he thought Rockstar and Microsoft have yet to release any concrete download numbers for GTA IV DLC, The Lost and Damned. The Wedbush […]

12 years ago

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  • Patcher: Feb NPD's will cause "limited market reaction"

    Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Patcher said today that while the February NPD looks good on paper, he expects “limited market reaction” to the figures. While most publishers met or exceeded expectations – THQ not being one of them – Patcher said the figures would not effect stock buying options in a note today.“We expect limited […]

    12 years ago
  • Patcher: The Lost and Damned has sold one million so far

    Rockstar may not have released download numbers for The Lost and Damned yet, but that hasn’t stopped Michael Patcher from throwing around a “1 million” figure.The analyst has estimated that Rockstar’s DLC has sold into seven digits so far, and will reach 2 million by the end of the year.While he was peeking into his […]

    12 years ago
  • EA promises risks with new and old franchises

    During the annual company town hall meeting this week, EA’s John Riccitiello assured employees that despite Q3 losses announced on Tuesday, the company still plans to take risks with both new and proven franchises.Comms boss Jeff Brown reiterated this when he told Kotaku: “We can take risks because we are pretty sure our blockbusters are going […]

    12 years ago
  • Patcher: No Dark Knight tie-in cost Warner $100m

    Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Patcher has said that the absence of Dark Knight videogame would have cost Warner Bros roughly $100 million in sales, the AP writes.“Based on the record-breaking success of the movie, Wedbush Morgan video game industry analyst Michael Pachter believes a Dark Knight game released at the same time as the blockbuster film […]

    13 years ago