Mark Noseworthy

Destiny 2’s next livestream will cover all of the December update’s changes

Next week, Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy will have no shortage of updates to share with the Destiny 2 community.

2 years ago

Mark Noseworthy headlines

  • Dawn of War II may receive first DLC "weeks" after launch

    The first extra Dawn of War II content may arrive almost immediately after the game’s February 19 launch. Game producer Mark Noseworthy confirmed the news today in a post on the title’s official site. “As for post-launch plans,” Noseworthy said, talking of DLC in general, “we are extremely interested in working with Microsoft to offer […]

    11 years ago
  • PC-to-console RTS ports don't work, says Relic

    Speaking to CVG, Relic producer Mark Noseworthy has pointed out the bleeding obvious: porting PC RTS games to console doesn’t work because of the control method. “We don’t see porting a traditional PC RTS to console as a very good strategy because the controls, by definition, are incompatible with the game design,” he said. “To […]

    12 years ago