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Golden Joystick live-blogged, Activision takes clean sweep with CoD4

Update: CoD4’s taken game of the year. Activision’s taken publisher of the year. CVG’s live-blogging the Golden Joystick awards here. The site’s clearly getting hammered. There’s a link to the video stream on that page. We’ll update this story with the winners as they’re announced. After the break.

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  • Golden Joysticks at 2.00pm GMT today, streaming video confirmed

    Future’s Golden Joystick awards kick off in London at 2.00pm today, and it sounds as though the publisher’s got its act together in terms of covering the event live. Streaming video’s promised, as are a live-blog and photographs from the show. From the official site: But now for the most important part: the winners! So […]

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    Live from the Jongleurs Comedy Club in London’s Camden Lock. The British games media industry is currently drunk. See what happens when some of them get awarded for writing about videogames. After the break. We’re using CoverItLive, so there’s no need to refresh.

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    We’ll be live-blogging tonight’s Game Media Awards in London, just so you don’t miss any of the “action.” We’re up for two – “Games Website” and “Specialist Games Writer – ONLINE” – which means we sort of have to go, and seeing as we’re there we thought we might as well bring you the blow-by-blow […]

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