Edge gives RUSE 8/10

Edge has given Eugen WWII RTS RUSE a healthy 8/10. Or has it?

10 years ago

Eugen headlines

  • Feature: Is there a way forward for RTS?

    RTS is doomed, if you listen to the naysayers. We sincerely hoped it wasn’t, so we asked EndWar dev lead and Ubisoft Montpellier creative director Michael de Plater, RUSE developer Eugen and British starlet Creative Assembly what problems are facing real-time strategy and whether or not the genre can move passed them.

    11 years ago
  • RUSE vids show nuke, lens flare, full gameplay

    Ubi’s dropped two more RUSE videos, showing off the RTS’s nuke and a full gameplay example.

    11 years ago
  • First RUSE walkthrough shows gameplay, looks awesome

    Ubi’s released the first proper look at new RTS RUSE, in the form of a gameplay-heavy walthrough vid posted after the break.It looks very cool, if the prospect of next gen WWII RTS floats your boat. The video details one of the game’s deception skills, that of radio silence.No date as yet, but it’s coming […]

    12 years ago
  • GDC: Ubisoft announces new RTS, RUSE [Update]

    Update: RPS has a ton of stuff on this. Update 2: Movie after the break.Ubisoft just announced RUSE, a cross-platform RTS for release before the end of the publisher’s current financial year in March 2010.It’s being put together by Act of War: Direct Action developer Eugen.“Ubisoft is known for innovation and R.U.S.E. continues that tradition, […]

    12 years ago