GT5 reviews are go – it’s an EG 9

The GT5 review embargo has now lifted. Get ever score after the break.

10 years ago

Embargo headlines

  • Halo Wars review embargo lifts on February 20

    Microsoft confirmed yesterday that the Halo Wars review embargo will lift on February 20 at 2.00pm GMT.The Ensemble RTS is to be shown off at the Cabinet War Rooms in London next week, an event to include multiplay and developer interviews.Halo Wars will be the last Ensemble game before Microsoft closes the studio.

    12 years ago
  • Massive announcement - Embargo lifts at 2pm PST tomorrow, all news live

    That’s right, pop stars. We still can’t tell you what we’re in San Francisco to see – on pain of death – but tomorrow at 2.00pm PST point your browsers at VG247 for an internet-snapping announcement.What we can tell you is that you’re going to get screenshots, artwork and full details on a brand new […]

    12 years ago
  • Spanish Vivendi event embargoed until May 28

    We just got word from the big Sierra event kicking off in Mallorca right now that all coverage is embargoed until May 28.The news has slowed down today just a little bit more. We reckon we could jump in the air and we’d probably just hang there. Stuck.

    13 years ago