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  • Report - Langdell set to lose Edge trademarks

    Following this week’s news that Edge Games’ injunction against EA over the use of the word ‘Edge’ was thrown out, it looks like boss Tim Langdell is set to lose the rest of his Edge-related trademarks.

  • Statement: Edge claims "entire game" was played for Hydrophobia review

    An Edge rep has issued a statement contradicting Dark Energy Digital’s claim that the mag hadn’t “played the game” before awarding Hydrophobia 3/10, telling VG247 it completed the entire title and all its bonus content.

  • Guardian gives "mundane" No More Heroes 2 2/5, Edge gives 7/10

    The Guardian’s flown in the face of public opinion on No More Heroes 2 today, giving the Grasshopper slasher – which is currently enjoying an MC rating of 86 percent – an eyebrow-knotting 2/5.

  • Latest Edge gives Bad Company 8, AvP and FFXIII 5

    The scores from the latest issue of Edge are out, giving EA DICE’s latest a sterling 8/10.

  • Edge gives Bayonetta 10, Dragon Age 5

    The latest Edge scores are up on NeoGAF (thanks, Anders), including a 10/10 for Platinum’s Bayonetta. Dragon Age fared less well: it got 5/10 for the 360 version. The lot: Modern Warfare 2: 9 Assassin’s Creed II: 8 Left 4 Dead 2: 9 Bayonetta: 10 Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks: 8 Sin and Punishment: 8 […]

  • Want to write for Edge? Here's your chance

    Edge is looking for a new writer, as you can see on its site. Is this you? Passionate about games, you will have a good understanding of the Edge brand and an extensive knowledge of the videogame industry and its history. You will use strong writing skills to create engaging, intelligent and informed copy. Ideally […]

  • Edge gives Uncharted 2 9/10

    It must be good. Edge, gaming’s last true bastion of tight-fisted reviewing, has awarded Uncharted 2 a mighty 9/10. As good as Might and Magic: Clash Of Heroes, apparently. We jest. Again. The rest of issue 208’s scores are below, courtesy of GAF. New Super Mario Bros Wii – 7 Uncharted 2 – 9 Operation […]

  • EDGE back up on App Store

    Mobigames’ EDGE is now available again on Apple’s App Store. Yours for £2.99. The game fell victim to Tim Langdell and his amazing trademark squatting, and has been in limbo for months. EA challenged Langdell recently, saying none of his claims to the “edge” name were valid as he wasn’t currently using it for commercial […]

  • Tim Langdell resigns from IGDA board of directors

    Tim Langdell, the trademark troll behind the recent Mobigames Edge fiasco, has resigned from the Independent Game Developers Association board of directors. This comes shortly after IGDA members started petitioning for his removal. Prior to taking the hint, Langdell abused his position by harassing anyone who used the name “Edge” as a game title. He […]

  • Edge gives The Conduit 4/10

    Goodbye, MC average. Edge has given High Voltage’s The Conduit a wince-worthy 4/10. You can get all the latest scores from the mag in this EG forum post. Or you could just look below. Thanks, evilashchris. Prototype – 8 Arma 2 – 7 Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – 7 The Conduit – 4 Battlefield 1943: […]

  • Eidos Montreal heading for May 11 announcement

    If this image of the latest issue of Edge is to be believed, Eidos Montreal is to announce its second game on May 11. Yes, it’s Thief. Honestly, it is. Not long to wait now, then.

  • "Brand new Activision property" for Edge 202 reveal

    A “brand new Activision property” is to be revealed in the 202nd issue of Edge, as you can see at the bottom of this piece. What is it? Let’s guess. DJ Hero? Probably. It’s either that or the Bizarre racer. AB’s got three new IPs releasing this year: Prototype, Singularity and the Mario Karty thing […]

  • FFXIII - Edge and OPM playtests scanned

    FinalFantasy-XIII.net‘s posted up scans of Edge and OPM playtests of Final Fantasy XIII, the first in the world. The images are of excellent quality, and both features are extensive. Get to it. The demo’s out on April 16 in Japan.

  • February NPD - Edge in breakneck sales analysis mega-slap-down

    Hot shit. Edge has spat straight into Gamasutra’s face with the speed of its NPD analysis this month. Find its just-published take on last-night’s figures here. Let’s see. The figures were in our inbox at 10.29pm GMT last night, and Edge now has a four-page feature, coloured graphs included, at 8.00am GMT. That probably equates […]

  • Research shows 13% of Xbox 360 games have an 85 or higher review score

    Edge is starting a series of weekly graphs highlighting gaming “market interest areas or trends”. This week, it’s Xbox 360. From data complied with Entertainment Design and Research, this week’s pictorial representation shows 360 game that have received review scores of 85 or higher, compared to those that got 65 or lower. As you can […]

  • Ocarina is "best game to play today," says Edge

    God. Edge has posted its “100 Best Games to Play Today” feature, with Ocarina of Time at number one. Apparently, “Over a decade after release,‭ ‬The Legend Of Zelda:‭ ‬Ocarina Of Time has achieved a distinction reserved for a true classic.‭ “It’s been forgotten.‭ ‬Writing about it garners nothing but grandiose adverbs and scattered memories […]

  • Edge 200 review scores - RE5 and DoW II both get 7

    It’s a barren, newsless desert out there. So have the review scores from Edge’s 200th issue. Resident Evil 5 – 7 Empire: Total War – 9 Shellshock 2: Blood Trails – 2 Afro Samurai – 5 Stormrise – 4 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – 7 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand – 7 […]

  • 200th Edge issue to have 200 covers

    Edge’s 200th issue is to have a split run of 200 covers, Future said this morning. “We were keen to mark Edge’s 200th edition with something special, although we set ourselves a tough task in selecting 200 covers that would represent videogaming’s diversity,” said editor Tony Mott. “Ultimately we’re confident that every Edge reader will […]

  • Edge posts its Killzone 2 review

    Edge has gone all “traffic-grabby” and posted its 7/10 Killzone 2 review. Basically: First impressions might be that everyone’s dying all of the time,‭ ‬but perseverance pays off.‭ ‬Thanks largely to its online play,‭ ‬Killzone‭ ‬2‭ ‬should find itself a fanbase no one can overlook.‭ ‬In singleplayer,‭ ‬it’s a testament to craft and imagination,‭ ‬if […]

  • Doak left Free Rad earlier this month, company closed

    Multiple sources have confirmed to VG247 that Free Radical is, indeed, closed. Edge has posted up a lengthy account of recent events at the firm from what looks to be a good source. Apparently founder Dave Doak left earlier this month, and is now in the process of setting up a new developer with co-founder […]

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