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Langdell returns to games development with EDGEBobby 2

Lover of all-things EDGE-related Tim Langdell has now turned his head back to games development after his EDGE-related lawsuits against Future and EA. EDGE Games released the new title, known as EDGEBobby 2 – the “sequel to the highly popular classic game Bobby Bearing” – for iOS. It’s available now for 59p, with PC, Mac […]

10 years ago

Edge Games headlines

  • Report - Langdell set to lose Edge trademarks

    Following this week’s news that Edge Games’ injunction against EA over the use of the word ‘Edge’ was thrown out, it looks like boss Tim Langdell is set to lose the rest of his Edge-related trademarks.

    10 years ago
  • Report - EA wins courtcase over "Edge" trademark

    IG is reporting EA has won its courtcase against Edge Games over the trademark of the latter’s namesake. For real this time.

    10 years ago
  • EA makes legal move to stop Langdell trademark squatting

    EA has petitioned the US Patent & Trademark Office to cancel a range of registrations associated with Edge Games, Inc.In the petition, EA’s lawyers allege that Edge Games claims against companies using “Edge” in their titles aren’t legitimate as they’re not associated with a trademark used in active commerce.There are numerous citations in the 28-page […]

    11 years ago