Diabolical Pitch

Coming Soon to XBL – Diabolical Pitch, Call of Duty sale, more

Microsoft has updated its Xbox Live content schedule with dates for Diabolical Pitch , The Pinball Arcade, The Splatters, Fez, and more.

9 years ago

Diabolical Pitch headlines

  • Diabolical Pitch coming to XBLA on April 4

    Microsoft stealthy confirmed yesterday following the lifting of the Xbox Spring Showcase embargo that Grasshopper Kinect title Diabolical Pitch will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade on April 4. The game was announced at TGS 2010, but was hidden under the radar until last year’s event and has started to come out of the woodwork since.

    9 years ago
  • Diabolical Pitch captured on film from Xbox anniversary event

    New footage of Diabolical Pitch, Grasshopper’s Kinect madness, has gotten out from an Xbox anniversary event in Japan, seemingly the same one where Crimson Dragon was fully unveiled. This is the first time Pitch has been seen since last year’s Tokyo Game Show.Get it below through Kotaku Japan (via Siliconera). Still no actual date for […]

    9 years ago
  • Diabolical Pitch trailer shows how this curveball really spins

    Suda51 has confirmed that while he came up with the idea for Diabolical Pitch, he’s handed development over to a separate team within Grasshopper Media. Therefore, it was that team who has come up with this intriguing little teaser trailer for the demon-smashing baseball interpretation called Diabolical Pitch.

    9 years ago
  • Suda explains his various roles at Grasshopper Manufacture

    Goichi Suda has said the gaming concepts at Grasshopper Manufacture pretty much stem from his ideas, but when it comes to the actual execution, it varies per game.

    9 years ago
  • Diabolical Pitch footage lurches out of TGS

    One of the more obscure highlights of Tokyo Game Show so far has been the big reveal Diabolical Pitch, formerly known as Codename D. Take Japanese favourite Suda51 and the team at Grasshopper Manufacture, throw in some motion controls, a baseball bat and some scary monsters, and you’re onto a winner.While we haven’t yet had […]

    9 years ago
  • Microsoft shows Forza 4, announces DC2 tracks and Happy Wars at TGS 2011

    Microsoft has sent out information detailing what it showed during TGS 2011 today, and while you already know about Breakneck, a remake of the classic Halo 2 map Headlong for Halo: CE Anniversary, other goodies were revealed as well.

    9 years ago
  • Grasshopper Manufacture trademarks Diabolical Pitch

    According to a trademark filing found by Siliconera, Grasshopper has trademarked the name Diabolical Pitch.

    10 years ago