Avatars get Live business clothing

Want to pretend you have a “job” in your all-consuming, life-wrecking virtual world? Microsoft is here for you.You can now dress you Live Avatars in business clothing for no cost, according to Nelson. Woot.Here’s what you’ve got:Male Blue formal shirt Moleskin pants Waistcoat and shirt Suit and tie Female Pencil skirt Slacks Pinstripe blazer Twin […]

12 years ago

Clothing headlines

  • Rare: Games to give out Avatar clothing "like Achievements"

    Rare has told VG247 that games will soon give players items of clothing and accessories for their 360 Avatars in the same way they hand out Gamer Points.“In time… games will be able to give away clothes and accessories just like Achievements,” said art head Lee Musgrave.As to which games specifically will be using Avatars […]

    12 years ago
  • First Avatar clothing pack released, is free

    According to this X3F post, the first pack of Avatar clothing has been added to NXE, and it’s all free.The clothes are winter-themed, including gloves, ski-wear, and whatnot. For those of you that were simply gagging to put new hat on your Avatar, today is a great day.Through the link.

    13 years ago