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Sacred 2 video for Ice & Blood expansion shows dragons

The Ice & Blood expansion for Sacred 2 is expected to arrive for PC on August 28 – for Germany only.Until the rest of the globe gets it, we will just have to be content to watch the first video for it. Watch it over on Shack.

12 years ago

Ascaron Entertainment headlines

  • Sacred 2 PC gets patched to 2.43.0

    Exactly what it says on the tin: the PC version of Ascaron’s RPG, Sacred 2, has been patched to version 2.43.Download it directly from Ascaron’s site and read the full patch notes over on the forums.There’s no hint if this is on its way to consoles or not.Get clicking.

    12 years ago
  • Sacred 2 dev files for bankruptcy protection, add-on and third game in works

    Sacred 2 developer Ascaron Entertainment filed for bankruptcy protection on April 14, reports WorthPlaying.According to the site, delays may have attributed to the firm’s financial issues.To try and get another company interesting in acquiring the studio, it was revealed that an add-on for Sacred 2 is scheduled for release this summer, as is a third […]

    12 years ago
  • King's Bounty: The Legend in stores today for PC

    King’s Bounty: The Legend arrives in stores today.The RPG/RTS hybrid allows you to lead an army of dwarves, humans, vampires, pirates, snakes and devilfish across a huge continent, completing missions such as leading revolutions, overthrowing tyrants, slaying dragons and taking part in strategic battles. Eclectic.You can even start your own family should the desire strike […]

    12 years ago
  • Sacred 2 gets firm release dates, Atari to publish

    Atari has announced that it will be publishing Ascaron Entertainment’s RPG, Sacred 2, and to celebrate, they’ve unveiled firm release dates for both PC and console.The PC version will ship November 11, not November 7 as we told you the other day. The console versions hit the shelves on February 17.So that’s that. Thanks, Shacknews.By […]

    13 years ago