Army Corps Of Hell

Square Enix holding Vita discount in Japan next week

Square Enix has announced it’s to hold discount its existing Vita titles to date in Japan beginning next week on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Lord of Apocalypse will be priced at ¥2,980 ($36), down from ¥4,980 ($61). Army Corps of Hell will be discounted to ¥1,990 ($25) from ¥3,990 ($50). The offer runs from next […]

Army Corps Of Hell headlines

  • Army Corps of Hell gets free DLC pack

    The first content update for Square Enix’s odd little Vita launch title Army Corps of Hell is entirely free.

  • Party Warmers: Third-parties welcome Vita with smiles

    Johnny Cullen talks to Ubisoft, Namco Bandai, Square Enix and more about their experiences with PlayStation Vita.

  • Army Corps of Hell allows you to steal friends' goblins

    Army Corps of Hell, Square’s Vita Pikmin thing, will allow you to steal goblins from your friends in ad hoc multiplayer. Bonzer. It also allows up to four of you to get together in a physical vicinity and smash devilish bosses in the head. Take a look below. God knows what’s going on here. It’s […]

  • The King of Hell goes to Michigan in latest Army Corps of Hell video

    The King of Hell has decided to hop a bus and travel back to Hell in order to reclaim his throne. Along the way, he must have gotten his wires crossed or his personal assistant is about to get fired, because he has ended up in Michigan by mistake. Poor fella. He’ll probably be a […]

  • Square confirms Army Corp of Hell for EU Vita launch

    Square’s confirmed this afternoon it’ll bring over Army Corp of Hell as a launch title for the EU release of PlayStation Vita, The RPG, which will come with touch support for front and back enables you to command a goblin army of up to 100 at war. Get the shots below the break.

  • Rock out to these new Army Corps of Hell trailers

    To go along with the nice batch of screens released earlier this week, Square has released four new trailers of the game in action. Each one features some heavy power and prog-metal as well. Don’t trash too hard, now. You might hurt yourself. The Vita title will be released around the system’s launch, will contain […]

  • Army Corps of Hell can support up to 200 goblins on Vita's screen at once

    Square has released another batch of screenshots for Army Corps of Hell. The Vita title, to be released around the system’s launch, will contain four-player co-op where each player controls his or her very own demon king and up to 50 goblins at a time. The game can, if you wish, support up to 200 […]

  • Army Corps of Hell video is heavy on the metal

    Square has released another new video for its Vita launch title, Army Corps of Hell. There are also new screens for the game as well as renders of your future goblin minions, posted over onGematsu. Go have a look below and through the link.

  • Goblin classes highlighted in Army Corps of Hell videos

    Square has released three new gameplay videos for Army Corps of Hell, a Vita launch title for Japan, Europe, and North America. The videos below, full of really heavy music, show the three different classes available for your goblin minions: Lancer, Warrior and Wizard. Vita releases in Japan on December 17, and in North America […]

  • Army Corps of Hell to be North American Vita launch title

    North American gamers will have one more game choice when they pick up their PS Vita’s on launch day, as Army Corps of Hell will officially be ready in time for the launch.

  • Square Enix announces Army Corps of Hell for Europe

    Square Enix has confirmed it’ll release Army Corps of Hell on Vita for Europe.

  • Square prices Army Corps of Hell for Vita's Japanese release

    Square has announced pricing for at least one of its Vita titles releasing on December 17. Army Corps of Hell will run consumers ¥4,980 ($64.78) for the packages version, and ¥3,990 ($51.90) for the downloadable version. The game carries a D-rating, which is for 17 years of age and over, and will not require the […]

  • Army Corps of Hell: Meet Pikmin's evil twin

    Nintendo has Pikmin, it looks like maybe Sony has Army Corps of Hell. Bear with me on this. It’s a new game, just announced from Square Enix, and it’s headed straight to Vita as a launch title. And it’s more than a little bizarre.