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Activision’s UK and Ireland MD resigns in order to “pursue new career opportunities”

Peter Hepworth, Activision’s UK and Ireland MD, has left the firm to “pursue new career opportunities.” In the interim, the business in the region will be overseen by Andrew Brown, VP of sales excellence, who was previously managing director for the area before Hepworth took over. Brown will take on the added MD responsibilities until […]

8 years ago

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  • Black Ops becomes biggest-selling game ever in the UK

    Boom. Less than a year after its predecessor Modern Warfare 2 took over from Dr. Kawashima, Call of Duty: Black Ops has become the biggest-selling game in the UK ever.

    10 years ago
  • Activison chats to the "big three" about digital distribution

    Activision’s Andrew Brown has quizzed Microsoft’s Neil Thompson, Sony’s Ray Maguire and Nintendo’s David Yarnton over on MCV on when digitally distributed titles will overtake boxed products.

    11 years ago
  • Activision defends its pricing on MW2

    Activision UK managing director Andrew Brown has defended the publisher’s position on giving a £55 RRP to Modern Warfare 2.When the price was announced, a lot of people weren’t happy chappys and even threatened to boycott the game. But Brown insists it is a tag that is justified.“At the end of the day, there is […]

    11 years ago
  • Vivendi UK winds down, Activision claims few were fired

    Speaking to MCV, Activision Blizzard UK managing director Andrew Brown has claimed that the majority of staffers made redundant from Vivendi UK did so voluntarily.“The reality is that practically everybody made redundant chose that option,” he said. “It certainly wasn’t that we said ‘OK, let’s cut the workforce’ – it didn’t work like that at […]

    12 years ago