Vitua Fighter developer wants you to feel pain

There’s reasoning behind the over the top reactions of Virtua Fighter characters.

9 years ago

Am2 headlines

  • ESRB outs After Burner Climax for US, SEGA finally announces it

    The ESRB has outed After Burner Climax for the US – like its release is a surprise or something – and SEGA has announced a release slated for XBLA and PSN later in the year.

    12 years ago
  • Daytona HD confirmed... for arcade

    First pics of a new Sega arcade cabinet have apparently confirmed the existence of an HD Daytona remake.The game – named Sega Racing Classic – runs at 1280×720, and was teased in a bit of arty recently.No news of a home port. We suggest you shouldn’t expect any, either.Via Arcade Heroes and IGN UK.

    12 years ago
  • Sega AM2 boss: Arcade market outside Japan is "practically dead"

    Speaking to Kikizo, Sega AM2 head Makoto Osaki has lamented the loss of the arcade market outside Japan, saying it’s basically “dead”.“Let’s not even go into the overseas market… it’s practically dead,” he said. “The market there is entirely redemption [prize] machines now. The users in America just don’t go to arcades anymore, because they […]

    13 years ago