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  • Activision confirms Tony Hawk: Shred title

    Remember that tweet from Tony Hawk earlier this week? That one which mentioned ‘Tony Hawk: Shred’ as the new title as his new game? The one that had Activision PR facepalming? Yeah, that one: the firm’s confirmed that is the title for the new game in the series.

  • "Tony Hawk: Shred" dropped in tweet

    Tony Hawk’s next game is probably called Shred. We know because that’s what Tony Hawk said on Twitter.

  • Acti-Blizz confirms new Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk by end of calendar 2010

    Activision’s just confirmed its releasing new titles for Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk and Spiderman series’s by the end of 2010.

  • Tony Hawk and Robomodo start on "next project"

    Tony Hawk: RIDE kind of sucked. Undeterred, the Birdman’s confirmed Robomodo’s started on a second game.

  • Hawk: RIDE is not a gimmick

    Bony Tony’s continuing to stand by RIDE, despite the fact it’s been battered to death at review, saying he doesn’t feel the peripheral format is a “gimmick”. “I feel like the device is a flagship for other games. I think we can do another skate game, I think we can do other board-type games, surfing, […]

  • Hawk: "All systems go" for RIDE sequel

    Tony Hawk RIDE may be getting a critical panning, but the skater behind the peripheral-based game’s out for RIDE 2. Right now. “We have already started that process, but who knows what the future holds,” he said when asked by Gamespot if there was going to be a second game. “I’ve never had a master […]

  • Activision plans to heavily market Tony Hawk: RIDE this season

    Activision has revealed that it plans to heavily market Tony Hawk: RIDE during the holiday shopping season, and feels that of motion controls featured with the peripheral will breath new life into the franchise. “Tony Hawk: Ride is set to reinvigorate the franchise as it introduces a new exciting skateboard peripheral to the market,” brand […]

  • Tony Hawk to make appearance at GamesCom

    Tony Hawk will be making a guest appearance at GamesCom to showcase the skateboard-controller for Tony Hawk: RIDE. Hawk will give a demonstration of the game on the Activision showfloor followed by a meet and greet session to be followed by “tackling an imposing vert ramp with his jaw-dropping skating skills”. Pat is so excited, […]

  • ActiBlizz Q2 financials: New Bond game in the works

    Activision’s Mike Griffith has just announced that a new Bond game will release in 2010. No release date or details were announced. In the same breath, he stated that new Tony Hawk and Spider-Man games were also expected in the next calendar year. This is in line with the company’s commitment to proven franchises, said […]

  • Activision lists Tony Hawk: Ride skaters

    Activision has put out a list of celebrity skateboarders appearing in Tony Hawk: Ride. The roster: Alex Olson Cara Beth Burnside Christian Hosoi Daewon Song Dustin Dollin Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Mike Mo Capaldi Mike Vallely Nyjah Huston Paul Rodriguez Rodney Mullen Ryan Sheckler Steve Nesser Stevie Williams Toe-knee Hawk The game comes with the skateboard […]

  • Hawk: Skateboard peripheral is "way better than I envisioned"

    See below as Tony Hawk talk about how he approached Activision with the plastic skateboard peripheral idea for TH Ride and how the end result was better than he could have imagined. “I went to Activision, I brought the idea there,” he said. “The board design was honestly way better than I envisioned.” “I had […]

  • New James Bond, Tony Hawk, Spider-Man and Transformers in 2010, says Activision

    Activision company president and CEO Mike Griffith has revealed that we’ll see new James Bond, Tony Hawk, Spider-Man, and Transformers titles in 2010. There’ll be a Shrek 4 game too, thank God. The news comes via Gamespot, who listened in on Activision’s pre-E3 presser yesterday.

  • Hawk: Ride confirmed for MS E3 press conference

    Tony Hawk’s confirmed on Twitter that he’s going to appear with his plasdtic skateboard game, Ride, in the Microsoft press conference today. Well, he did. The tweet doesn’t exist any more. Joystiq captured it for posterity, though. “Just practiced my part for Microsoft’s E3 keynote tomorrow (introducing #thride),” Hawk said. “First time I’ve ever had […]

  • Tony Hawk: RIDE is massive step forward for games industry, says Acti

    Tony Hawk: RIDE isn’t just a skateboarding game with a skateboard-shaped platic peripheral you can stand on, no sir. According to Activision’s Rob Kostich, it’s actually a huge leap forward in terms of games and gaming as we know it. “Tony Hawk: RIDE is a massive step forward for the franchise and the gaming industry […]

  • New Hawk revealed this week

    The next Tony Hawk game – the one with the plastic skateboard – is to be shown for the first time on GTTV this week. See the promo after the break. The plastic skateboard hasn’t been announced yet. Gasp like a fumbling teenager when it is. The game’s out this winter. The announcement’s on Thursday.

  • New Hawk to give "thrill of skateboarding like never before", E3 reveal planned

    Activision CEO Mike Griffith said in Acti Blizz’s Q1 earnings call yesterday that the new Tony Hawk game is to add a completely new dimension to the series. That’ll be a plastic skateboard, then. “We are also planning to release our reinvention of Tony Hawk [later this year], with a very innovative and interactive game […]

  • Rumor: Possible Tony Hawk reveal coming soon via GameTrailers TV

    Geoff Keighley has tweeted that he will be shooting the next episode of GameTrailers TV today, and revealed he would also be “hanging out with [Tony Hawk].” Sounds like a GTTV episode on the latest Tony Hawk game, doesn’t it? No biggie though, we all know the game’s coming. Later, another Twitter post directed at […]

  • Tony Hawk peripheral will be more about tricks than balance

    Variety‘s rumoring that Activision’s now confirmed Q4 Hawk game will have a “skateboard” peripheral. Big shock there. A source has told the site that the peripheral will be more about “grabbing and manipulating the board to pull of all tricks” than for actual balancing. It’s expected to release on PS3 and 360. Apparently the Wii […]

  • New Hawk to release at year-end

    Forgot this last night. Acti Blizz confirmed a new Tony Hawk game for the fourth quarter of this year in its Q4 earnings call yesterday, saying it’s to shake the franchise up with a new gameplay mechanic. “We said we would reinvent this franchise from the ground up and we have developed a very innovative […]

  • Peter Moore, Tony Hawk to celebritize VGAs

    Destructoid’s published a list of “names” lined up to make the Spike VGAs glitter, and the likes of Peter Moore and Herr Hawk are ready for action. 50 Cent! It couldn’t possibly be better. Full thing after the break. The event – which is playing host to the first proper God of War III video, […]


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