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  • Splinter Cell on PS3? Maybe, says Ubisoft

    Ubisoft’s Max Beland has said Splinter Cell will probably end up coming to PS3 and other platforms after the release of Conviction in April.

  • Splinter Cell: Conviction delays were good for development, says Ubisoft

    Ubisoft’s Patrick Redding has said that one of the reasons Splinter Cell: Conviction was delayed so many times was to fix a few things with the AI and to add things to the game from its “laundry list”.

  • New Splinter Cell: Conviction videos show co-op, other modes

    Splinter Cell: Conviction has three new videos floating around the net for it, one focusing on co-op, and the other two on single and multiplayer.

  • Splinter Cell site updated with Russian stuff

    Ve3tro‘s noticed that the Splinter Cell site‘s now covered with a Russian message and tomorrow’s date. Apparently, it says this: “Periodically security system will be disconnected for conducting of planned works and data protection. During similar works can arise the breach out of danger from the external threat. Thus, all turning offs will bear random […]

  • Details regarding online mode for Splinter Cell coming soon

    Details regarding the online multiplayer bit for Splinter Cell: Conviction will be released “very shortly”, the game producer Alexandre Parizeau told CVG. “We’re going to have multiplayer, but we’re not announcing what we’re doing until a little later,” he said. “It will be announced very shortly, we’re going to talk about soon.” Previous iterations in […]

  • Guillemot: Splinter Cell and Red Steel delayed for “additional polishing time”

    If you thought there was some big conspiracy behind the recently announced delays of Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Steel 2, prepare to be disappointed. Turns out, Ubisoft just thought the two games could use a bit more time in the powder room. “The changes on Splinter Cell and Red Steel – it’s just a […]

  • Spielberg gets ideas from games like Splinter Cell

    According to Ubisoft’s Maxime Bernard, when Steven Spielberg was at E3 he mentioned that he gets some of his ideas from games like Splinter Cell. “He had an entourage… and he said to his friend ‘it gives us a lot of ideas, it’s very inspiring’” Bernard told OXM. “I was thinking, like, wow. If we […]

  • Motion controls for big action games? Not likely, says Ubi boss

    While Natal and PS3′s motion tech presents a large opportunity for some games, Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot has told CNBC that big action games will most likely continue to be played on traditional controllers. “The current pad for gamers is giving them a lot,” he said on the subject of whether or not games like […]