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  • Kojima concedes he may stay with Metal Gear for fifth game

    Speaking to Kikizo at E3, Konami creative legend Hideo Kojima admitted that he may well end up producing a fifth Metal Gear game. Never saw that coming. “When we look ten years into the future, maybe yes, I may well end up spending more time on the Metal Gear series,” he said. “I always intend […]

  • Fission success: MGS4 nearing four million shipped mark

    We all expected Snake’s final adventure to be a smash hit, but now we have numbers, kinda. According to PSU, by way of a Konami sales report, Metal Gear Solid 4 has shipped 3.94 million units worldwide. However, don’t confuse “shipped” with “sold.” PSU did note that “about one out of every four or five […]

  • Kojima to make Games Convention return in 2008

    According to this NintendoEverything piece, Metal Gear dev star Hideo Kojima will return to Germany for Games Convention this year, after demoing MGS4 to press at the event in 2007. Other stuff the publisher’s looking to air: Games PES 2009 Silent Hill Homecoming (PS3, Xbox 360) Castlevania Judgement (Wii) Dancing Stage Rock Revolution Lost in […]

  • Kojima on MGS4 dev: Sony gave us a lot of advantage with pre-release PS3 hardware

    Speaking to the BBC, Hideo Kojima has spoken about how Metal Gear 4′s life started as a consultation with Sony on the birth of PlayStation 3 itself. “We started to work on Metal Gear Solid 4 four years ago, after finishing work on Metal Gear Solid 3,” he said. “At that time we really didn’t […]

  • June NPD: MGS4 takes comfortable lead as US bestseller

    Surprisingly no one, NPD data for JUne has shown that Metal Gear Solid 4 was by far the bestselling game in the US last month, but a shock comes with Guitar Hero On Tour at number two with over 400,000 units sold. There’s no accounting for taste. Figures below. PS3 METAL GEAR SOLID 4 774.6K […]

  • MGS4 "impossible" on 360, says Tretton

    Missed this in the rush last night. SCEA boss Jack Tretton said in the Sony E3 press conference that MGS4 would not be possible on any other machine than PS3, partly because of the console’s Blu-ray drive. His comment came after a source told VG247 yesterday that the game’s transition to the Microsoft hardware was […]

  • MGS4 on 360: "It's inevitable," says highly-placed source

    Following last night’s shock news that Final Fantasy XIII will release on Xbox 360, VG247 has been told be a very senior UK industry source that an 360 version of Metal Gear Solid 4 is “inevitable”. “There’s only MGS left now: for a few months at least,” said the mole. “It’s inevitable. Konami knows how […]

  • Two MGS4 camo suits released

    Konami’s put out two new camo suits for Snake in MGS4, according to this PS3F piece, namely “Laughing Camo” and “Raging Camo”. If you approach enemies wearing either one, they laugh or “rage,” as you’d expect. Both suits are free. It’s a slow Friday, OK?

  • MGS4 tops Spanish and German software charts

    Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots has taken pole in the Spanish and German software charts for week ending June 22, GI reports. According to figures from Media-Control GfK International, Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is straight in at number three in both territories. The full chart listings for both countries are through […]

  • Ridiculous no-kill MGS4 completion movie posted

    After the link. This 152-minute video shows someone earning the Big Boss Emblem in Metal Gear Solid 4, which involves beating the game on the highest difficulty with no deaths, no alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit and no special items in under 5 hours. Needless to say, watching this will ruin […]

  • MGS4: 3 million copies "shipped"

    IGN’s reporting that MGS4 has shipped a total of 3 million units worldwide. We already know the game has sold 1 million in Europe in its first week, and that it shifted around 500,000 units in Japan in its first seven days on sale. The figure was revealed at the Sony PlayStation Business Review in […]

  • MGS4 knocked off top of Japanese chart

    That’s the problem with these clones warriors. No staying power. Last week’s chart here. Data for the week ending June 22. Super Robot Wars A Portable (PSP) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) Super Mario Stadium Family Baseball (WII) Harulanaru Toki no Naka de 4 (PS2) Mario Kart Wii (WII) Wii Fit […]

  • MGS4 finally gets Japanese launch event

    Konami’s announced that there’s going to be Tokyo dates in the Kojima World Tour added for this weekend, June 28 and 29. Hideo’s not going to be there, from the look of it, but fans may be able to get art director Yoji Shinkawa’s autograph if they’re fast enough. That’s a sketchy translation, but it […]

  • MGS4 sells 1 million in a week

    Konami’s just confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4 has sold more than 1 million copies in Europe in one week on sale. “The Metal Gear Solid series has again proved its huge potential, and we are delighted with the fantastic response the game has enjoyed at retail,” said Konami Germany’s Martin Schneider. MGS4 is nothing […]

  • SCEA: More MGS4 bundles on the way

    According to this GameRush report, SCEA’s promised that more MGS4 bundles are on the way to the States, a move necessary as the pack is much sought-after. “While we can’t provide specifics on inventory levels, the Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 bundle is a limited-edition offering that’s experiencing high demand from Metal Gear and […]

  • Metro gives Metal Gear Solid 4 a 3/5

    Free London newspaper the Metro has reviewed Metal Gear Solid 4 with a 3/5 (equivalent to a 6/10), reports. The paper hilariously insulted all Kojima fans by saying the plot was “utterly overblown” and that it “somehow manages to be both rubbish and exceptional at the same time”. The review jumped at the gameplay […]

  • NYT hunts for hidden meanings in MGS4

    There’s a good article on the New York Times on the themes of Metal Gear Solid 4. It never reaches any conclusion, obviously. Is the Sisyphean mission of Solid Snake — to rid the world of a robotic nuclear tank called Metal Gear — a parable about the futility of war or about its necessity? […]

  • MGS4 is second-highest scoring console exclusive this gen

    As Metacritic shows, Metal Gear Solid 4 is now the seconf-highest scoring console exclusive this generation, next only to Mario Galaxy. MGS4 has an average score of 95 percent, while the vaunted Wii platformer managed 97 percent. Thanks, N4G.

  • Payton: MGS4 pre-launch was "a blur"

    Speaking to 1UP, MGS4 associate producer Ryan Payton has admitted that running up to the game’s launch was more than a little taxing. “It’s all kind of a blur,” he said. “I tell people who visited us at the Nasu Boot Camp event back in March that I don’t really remember much about it because […]

  • All the Metal Gear Solid 4 eggs in one basket

    Theexplodingbarrel has meticulously trawled through this twenty-page Gamespot forum thread and listed every Metal Gear Solid 4 Easter egg uncovered by the community. If you don’t like discovering anything for yourself, take a look. By Mike Bowden


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  • MGS4 Database posted on Japanese PSN

    Says so on N4G. The Database was announced overnight for inclusion in today’s PSN update, but it wasn’t clear which regions would get it. It looks as though the US definitely will in addition to Japan, so keep everything crossed the pack will turn up in in the PAL release later today.

  • MGS4 Database for PSN release today

    Sony’s announced on the US PlayStation blog that today’s PSN update will include an app called the MGS4 Database. From the site: The MGS4 Database is a free, downloadable interactive application that contains the official knowledge base of everything that is Metal Gear, reaching all the way back to the very beginning of the franchise. […]

  • Konami making a very limited edition MGS4 watch

    As you can see from this GameStation page, Konami’s going to release a limited edition Metal Gear Solid 4 watch later this year, for the bargain price of £100. Only 500 are going to be made, so it may be worth your while trying to get one. Or not, as the case may be. It’s […]

  • MGS4 has minimal impact on UK PS3 sales, says Chart-Track

    GI’s reporting that MGS4 has had a mere 7 percent impact on PS3 sales in the past week, despite a massive increase in hardware moved in Japan. “There’s not a lot to say about it – it had minimal impact really. Units were up by 7 percent,” said Chart-Track boss Dorian Bloch. And that’s that. […]

  • Eurogamer gives MGO 7/10

    Omglolwftroflcopter. The Eurogamer kids have got braver, it seems, giving Metal Gear Online 7/10. Get over there and have a big cry, quick.

  • MGS4 rush pushes PS3 sales to 80,000 in Japan in past week

    According to IGN, Famitsu’s reporting that MGS4 came close to hitting 500,000 sales in Japan in its first week of release, making it the fastest selling Japanese PS3 game and providing a huge boost to PS3 sales in the country. Enterbrain figures show that 77,208 PS3s were sold in Japan in the week ending June […]

  • UK charts: Metal Gear goes top

    Metal Gear Solid 4′s gone top of the UK chart, becoming the second fastest selling PS3 game in Britain yet, second only to GTA IV. Last week’s charts here. List is for the week ending June 14. Metal Gear Solid 4 – Konami LEGO Indiana Jones – LucasArts Grand Theft Auto IV – Rockstar Mario […]

  • Schachter calls for more Wii third-party hits

    UBS analyst Ben Schachter has called for higher profile third party titles for the Nintendo Wii following the May NPD software numbers. “While overall hardware and software trends for the Nintendo Wii continue to be strong, we would like to see more third-party hits on the platform,” said Schachter. “To date, Guitar Hero III, Sega […]

  • IGN US and Gamespot give MGS4 a 10

    We’ll let IGN speak for itself: Is it possible to give a game an 11? If so, this would be the game that would merit that score. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a title that exceeds all of the hype that was attached to the title. Regardless of whether you’ve seen […]

  • MGS IV will shift more PS3s than GTA IV, says analyst

    Gamesradar is reporting that EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich reckons MGS IV will drive PS3 hardware sales harder than GTA IV. “Sony’s PlayStation 3 can claim a relative small victory as its hardware unit sales were up 150% over last year; additionally, they managed to outpace their closest rival, Microsoft’s Xbox 360,” said Divnich. “This will likely […]

  • MGS4 sells 300,000 on day one in Japan

    According to Media Create first day data, Metal Gear Solid 4 sold approximately 300,000 units on its first day on sale in Japan. The game went on sale Thursday. Around 170,000 units were of the limited edition, apparently. Thanks, NeoGaf.

  • Sixth and final Metal Gear retrospective episode posted

    Thank fuck for that. Gametrailers has posted the sixth and final part to its Metal Gear Solid retrospective, wrapping everything up with an attempt to actually explain away the game’s ludicrous plot. After the link. Find all the other bits here.

  • Songs from your HDD on your MGS4 iPod after FW 2.4?

    According to this thread, the MGS4 in-game podcast says that you can play music stored on your HDD on your iPod – although this isn’t currently possible in the game. Perhaps after Firmware 2.4 is released this feature will become enabled, otherwise it appears someone way have got their wires crossed. The Firmware update […]

  • MGS4 delayed in Spain

    Konami’s put out a press release saying Metal Gear 4′s been delayed in Spain thanks to industrial action over fuel costs. No lorries, no transport, no Snake. Statement after the link. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Happier photos from the Tokyo Metal Gear launch

    That’s better. Famitsu’s posted pics from the Akihabara Metal Gear Solid 4 launch (via GameFront), and there are people laughing, and everything. There’s a chap there with his bundle, looking all happy and shit, so we can rest easy. Space time continuum restored. Phew. Thanks, Blerk.

  • Photos from the MGS4 San Francisco midnight opening

    It’s a Snake photo overtron. Kotaku’s posted some photos from the MGS4 launch in San Francisco. These are your classic “men in a line” variety, but there is a picture of a man in a white coat with a knife, which kind of saves the say.

  • Photos from the MGS4 London Zavvi midnight opening

    Konami’s just sent through some photos from the London midnight Zavvi opening for MGS4′s launch. Looks jolly, doesn’t it?

  • Photos from the MGS4 Osaka launch: no one turned up

    These Kotaku pictures of empty shops full of Metal Gear Solid 4 boxes. Clearly, all the action was in America last night, as you can see here and here.

  • More MGS4 gameplay – camo in action

    After the link. The footage shows Snake’s camo options in action, and it’s all looking rather good, to be honest. Nearly good enough to go about and buy the game with a PS3. Nearly.

  • Even more Times Square MGS4 launch photos

    This lot’s from Kotaku, and includes a picture of Hideo doing a “thumbs-up”, which is probably about as good as a picture of him smiling. All this actually makes us want to play the game. Goddamn you, Kojima.

  • More photos from the MGS4 Times Square launch

    This looks as though it was awesome. Joystiq’s posted up pictures of the Metal Gear 4 Times Square launch last night, including shots of Hideo “smiling”. Incredible.

  • Shots from the MGS4 Times Square midnight opening

    On PS3F. Looks sedate. Can’t see too much else out there at the moment on an MGS4 openings, but hopefully stuff will appear throughout the day.

  • IGN US refuses to review MGS4 until it can play MGO

    In a letter on the site, IGN US has said that it won’t be reviewing Metal Gear Solid 4 until it can properly play Metal Gear Online. In a hilarious dig at sites that have already posted reviews of the game – including IGN AU and IGN UK – IGN games ed boss Jeremy Dunham […]

  • Fifth part of Metal Gear video retrospective posted

    Please stop. This fifth part of Gametrailers’ Metal Gear retrospective takes in all the periphery games to the series, like Ghost Babel. Hopefully this is the end of it. After the link. In case you missed them, here are parts one and two, three and four.

  • Four more MGS4 gameplay videos show shooting

    After the link. It’s out tomorrow, but don’t let that stop you. These videos show a lot of shooting. If you don’t like shooting, you’re in the wrong place. Don’t forget the woman saying “contact,” either. Take a look.

  • Konami cancels MGS4 Japanese launch events

    In some of the best Engrish we’ve read from a Google translation in a while, you can just about make out the Konami has cancelled its Japanese Metal Gear Solid 4 launch event. Reasons are as follows: June 12 (Thursday) in three locations in Tokyo scheduled to take place today, METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS […]

  • New MGS4 gamesplay vid shows what to expect

    After the break. It’s Metal Gear Solid with a woman saying “contact”. Sorry, but it is. It looks very pretty, as you’ll see, and potentially it looks a little fiddly. Look for yourself. The game’s out on Thursday, so keep watching until then. Over and over and over.

  • Konami: MGS4 pre-orders are “huge”, midnight opening at Zavvi on Oxford Street

    Speaking to videogaming247 this morning, Konami’s described UK pre-orders for Metal Gear Solid 4 as “huge”. The company declined to give specific figures, however. A rep for the firm in Britain also confirmed that Zavvi will be opening on Oxford Street at midnight for the game’s Thursday launch, and that other, smaller retailer will also […]

  • MGS4 Gun Metal Bundle sells out in seven minutes

    According to P3F, the exclusive-to-the-US 80GB MGS4 PS3 bundle sold out on in just seven minutes. Demand for the bundle was so high, that it actually brought the retailer giant to its knees. Hilarious. MGS4 will be released worldwide on June 12 and no, for the last time, us lowly Europeans aren’t getting the […]

  • 80Gb MGS4 bundle goes on pre-order in US today

    According to this Joystiq story, the 80Gb Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle to to be made available for pre-order on today. Get it while it’s hot, Americans. If demand for the gunmetal machine‘s anything to go by, you may want to get in there early. Metal Gear Solid 4 ships on June 12.