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  • Klei Entertainment founder: triple-A staff cuts produce more talent available for indie studios

    Klei Entertainment founder Jamie Cheng feels that triple-A staff cuts produce more talent available for indie studios, as new employees come into the fold already trained.

  • Klei founder calls development crunch time "poor process", warns of negative impact on staff

    Klei Entertainment founder Jamie Cheng has discussed the long-time industry burden of development crunch time at GDC and has cautioned studios to reconsider their approach to crunching projects. The impact on a company’s staff can make the crunch quite damaging, he has said.

  • Don't Starve to release in April

    Kei Entertainment’s survival sandbox Don’t Starve will release on April 24, the indie developer told Joystiq at PAX East. It will be accompanied by six months worth of free content updates. Don’t Starve is currently in closed beta and is headed to Mac and PC; Dave had a chat with the team about the challenging […]

  • Mark of the Ninja Special Edition DLC releasing this summer

    Klei Entertainment has announced a Special Edition DLC for Mark of the Ninja.

  • Don't Starve: surviving Klei's sandbox from hell

    Don’t Starve is the charming but brutal sandbox survival game from Klei Entertainment. VG247′s Dave Cook speaks with Jamie Cheng to find out why it was a happy accident for the studio.

  • Mark of the Ninja 67% off till Monday

    Klei’s excellent stealth-’em-up Mark of the Ninja is currently on sale on Steam. The gorgeous and jam-packed little gem is now just $5, a steep discount on the usual $15, right through till Monday. Klei is currently working on Don’t Starve, a survival adventure, and also produced Eets and Shank.

  • Don't Starve dev discusses the power of community word of mouth

    Don’t Starve is the indie survival game from Mark of the Ninja and Shank team Klei Entertainment. It’s a title that has become notorious among gamers with next to nothing in the way of marketing. It is very quickly becoming a word of mouth success, and Klei founder Jamie Chen has shed light on the […]

  • Don't Starve goes into beta on Steam, get 20% off pre-orders

    Don’t Starve from Klei Entertainment has gone into beta on Steam. To enter, you will need to pre-order the game which is 20% off for $11.99. It also comes with an extra code so a friend can get into the beta without the need for a pre-order. The game went into closed beta earlier this […]

  • Mark of the Ninja out now on Steam

    Klei Entertainment’s gorgeous and tactically diverse stealth-’em-up Mark of the Ninja has arrived on PC following a critically applauded Xbox Live Arcade debut.

  • Mark of the Ninja: Steam release date & price confirmed

    Mark of the Ninja is been confirmed for release on Steam, following the game appearing on a Steam content descriptor recently.

  • Mark of the Ninja pops up on Steam content description record

    Mark of the Ninja, the platformer from Klei Entertainment platformer out not on XBL Marketplace, is heading to Steam, according to a Steam Content Description Record Decoder website. The entry popped up on Steam’s database of CDR entries on Monday, said the site. So, don’t be surprised if an announcement of the Steam version happens […]

  • Forza 4 Season Pass sale, Mark of the Ninja land on Xbox Live

    Forza 4′s Season Pass is on sale today through the Xbox Live Marketplace, and you can get it for 50% off the normal price of 2400 MS Points. For today only, its 1200 MS Points. Aso available today is Klei Entertainment’s stealth-platformer Mark of the Ninja for 1200 MS Points. There’s also a demo available. […]

  • Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve has entered closed beta, pre-order available

    Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve has entered closed beta, and those who pre-order the game can get in on the tester while also getting a free copy for a pal. The game is a survival/exploration game where a scientist named Wilson has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must […]

  • Notch calls out EA over its Indie Bundle on Steam

    Mojang boss Markus Persson doesn’t seem too impressed with EA’s Indie Bundle currently available on Steam, and has taken to Twitter to call the firm out for using the term indie to describe its game pack.

  • Eets: Munchies announced at GDC 2012

    Klei Entertainment has unveiled its latest project, a sequel to popular indie puzzler Eets.

  • Mark of the Ninja announced by Shank developers

    Shank developer Klei Entertainment has launched a teaser for a new game, which is in itself a game.

  • Shank 2's survival mode gets trailered, comes with a twist

    EA’s released a new video of Shank 2′s survival mode ahead of the game’s launch this week. Comes with a bit of a twist: you don’t just have to die in order for it to be game over. How? Get watching over at Joystiq. The Klei action-scroller launches tomorrow in the US for PSN and […]

  • Shank 2 gameplay footage shows stabbing and shooting on the docks

    New gameplay footage of Shank 2 has been released showing uncut gameplay footage on the shipping docks. The video is posted below and on the game’s official website. Shank 2 releases for PC, PSN, and XBLA on February 7 in the US and February 8 in the UK.

  • Shank 2 to launch on February 8

    EA’s announced it’ll release Shank 2 on PSN and XBLA from February 8. The Klei action sequel, which will set you back 800 MS points or € 9.99, continues the story of Shank from the first game. A new survival mode willl also be included to allow a friend, either online or split-screen, to co-op […]

  • Shank 2 looks violently fun in latest gameplay video

    Klei Entertainment has released new gameplay footage of Shank 2, showing off some of the weapons, fighting moves, and other nonsensical fun you can have in the game. Personally, we really enjoyed the first outing, so we are looking forward to what the sequel has to offer. The firm has also noted that the Humble […]


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