Gears Of War Movie

Gears of War movie in the works, may not be a direct adaptation of the games

Gears of War is going to Hollywood, but we may be looking at more of a Resident Evil situation than a Warcraft one.

Gears Of War Movie headlines

  • Gears of War movie nets Battleship producer

    Battleship, Ted and Safe House producer Scott Stuber has signed on to the Gears of War movie project.

  • Gears of War film back on the cards - report

    Gears of War’s long-shelved movie project seems to be ramping up again.

  • Tony Scott was interested in directing Gears of War movie

    Director Tony Scott, who committed suicide on Sunday, was in talks to direct the Gears of War movie, according to former New Line Cinema producer Jeff Katz.

  • Rapper Ice-T shows up at Microsoft's E3 party

    Ice-T took the stage at Microsoft’s E3 event, holding a lancer and telling everyone that he’s playing Griffin in Gears of War 3 – which was announced last month.

  • Gears screenwriter says he pictured "The Rock" when writing lead role

    Gears of War screenwriter Chris Morgan has told MTV that the film is in the budgeting phase now, and when asked who he pictured when writing the part of Marcus Fenix, he said Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “Normally when I write, I think about the actor I’m writing for, but this one’s been difficult,” said […]

  • Gears of War movie for 2010

    Says so here. According to the film’s producer Wyck Godfrey, “We’ve got our script on and a director we’re about to attach. We’ll hopefully make that early next year for the summer of 2010.” The NewLine movie’s being produced by Temple Hill Entertainment, according to that piece, and was announced in March 2007.