MMO Winter Festivities: WoW, GW2, Lotro, SWTOR, Neverwinter, more

Plenty of MMOs are hosting holiday events or other sorts of festivities between now and the new year, so instead of creating a news post for each one, I thought I would round a few up for you instead. Get the list full of acronyms below.

Fun headlines

  • DSi launch vid: "form, function, features and fun!"

    Watch the US DSi launch video after the break, if you dare. Apparently this is the next step forward in portable gaming, but there’s not too much talk about games in there, to be fair. Apparently, the machine’s about “form, function, features and fun”. We think there’s one “f” you missed, Nintendo. Take a look. […]

  • Nikkei to release educational financial thing for DS

    According to this Trading Markets piece, Nikkei and Nintendo are to bring out a piece of DS software designed to make learning about the Japanese financial system “fun”. “The software will be designed so that users can learn the basics of the economy — how it works and keywords for understanding it — by tapping […]