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  • Quantum Conundrum demo out now on Steam

    A demo of Kim Swift’s reality-defying puzzler Quantum Conundrum is now available for download via Steam. This is a great chance to get hands-on time if you’re in two minds about making a purchase. The Airtight Games-developed puzzler had Kim Swift as its lead designer, who formerly served as lead designer on Valve’s Portal. The […]

  • Risen 2: Dark Waters PC demo now available

    Arrr me hearties, shiver me timbers, and other clich├ęd piratical utterings: set sail for Steam to grab a PC demo for Risen 2: Dark Waters, the naughtily nautical RPG sequel from Piranha Bytes. Risen 2 hoisted its mainsail in April but critics didn’t much like the cut of its jib; it docks on PlayStation 3 […]

  • Gravity Rush demo arrives on EU, US Vitas this week

    This week’s PlayStation Network will bring all sorts of goodies no doubt, but few as anticipated as the Gravity Rush demo. The Vita exclusive has been triggering waves af covetousness since its cel-shaded beauty first surfaced, and finally arrives in early June at retail and via the PlayStation Network. Thanks, Siliconera.

  • Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Demo out now on Xbox Live

    The demo for Capcom’s upcoming Kinect-based, mech-controlling, World War II-styled shooter Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor has been quietly placed online for download on Xbox Live.

  • Video - Spec Ops: The Line demo welcomes you to Dubai

    With today’s release of the Spec Ops: The Line demo on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Sam Clay takes to the desert storm of Dubai and brings back HD gameplay footage.

  • DiRT Showdown PC demo now available

    The PC demo for DiRT Showdown is now available on Steam. The taster includes one single-player race, 8-ball, which takes players through San Francisco and across the Golden Gate bridge. If you challenge a friend, you’ll also be able try out the eight-player Rampage mode. The demo supports RaceNet, Codemasters’ answer to Autolog, and signing […]

  • Dragon's Dogma demo releasing on April 24

    Capcom has announced that a demo for upcoming RPG Dragon’s Dogma will be releasing next week.

  • Rayman Origins demo now available on Steam

    Fire up your PC to get a taster of the platformer everyone’s raving about. Note my not turning that into a pun. Send flowers.

  • SSX demo due in next week's console update

    We’ll finally get our hands on a taster of the SSX reboot in just a few days.

  • Deep Black: Reloaded demo out now

    We’ve got a trailer, we’ve got screenshots, but only the demo will truly determine whether an underwater FPS is right for you.

  • Mass Effect 3 demo available through Facebook app

    Solve a puzzle and jump on board the Mass Effect 3 demo ahead of its official release on Valentine’s Day.

  • Twisted Metal demo due in next week's PSN update.

    The promised Twisted Metal demo will arrive on the PlayStation Network on January 31, Sony’s Sid Shuman confirmed in the latest US PS Blog podcast. The demo, which is multiplayer only, has not been confirmed for other territories, but should arrive during the same week if it’s coming at all. Eat Sleep Play’s revival of […]

  • Demo for King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame now available

    Paradox has announced a demo for Neocore Games’ King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame is now available, and can be downloaded here. It will provide the player with a taste of what’s to come, allowing a play through the title’s tutorial and its first mission. Expect the demo to take around an hour to complete. […]

  • 15 mins from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 360 demo

    38 Studios and Big Huge Games have released the demo for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on Xbox Live. Currently available for Gold members, the game provides you with a taste of the RPG created by he New York Times bestselling author RA Salvatore, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, and Ken Rolston, lead designer on Morrwind and […]

  • The Darkness II demo descends next week

    A demo for The Darkness II will see staggered release between January 17 and January 24 inclusive. Hit the break to see when your platform or territory wins the jackpot.

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 among promised PSN demos

    The latest PlayStation Blogcast has outed a number of demos coming to the US PlayStation Network – Asura’s Wrath, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Grand Slam Tennis 2, Under Siege, and Wanted Corp. Content details were not discussed, and there’s no word on European release yet. Thanks, Siliconera.

  • The King of Fighters XIII patch inbound, demo out now

    According to Siliconera, Atlus has confirmed that SNK Playmore is working on a fix for troubled online multiplayer in The King of Fighters XIII. Meanwhile, if you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you can grab a demo ahead of its general release to Silver subs and the PlayStation Network on December 13.

  • Dead Rising 2 demo now on Gaikai

    Gaikai has updated its catalogue of browser-based triple A demos to include Dead Rising 2. If your browser can run Java, you can have a go at the 30 minute offering – head on over to Gaikai’s Showcase to try it out, and hit the escape key to skip cut scenes. Other available demos include […]

  • Second Sonic Generations demo hitting PSN and XBL on Oct 19

    Sega’s announced that a second Sonic Generations demo will be releasing on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on October 19.The demo will enable players to try out some Modern Sonic gameplay, with access to the Green Hill level. The earlier demo contained some of the game’s Classic Sonic stages. The game releases on November 4 […]

  • Wadjet opens Blackwell Deception pre-orders

    Blackwell Deception, the latest point-and-click from the award-winning studio behind Gemini Rue, is up for pre-order with a pretty sweet offer.

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