Wednesday Shorts: Naughty Bear, TERA, Vindictus, PopCap Android, Black Ops

Loads of little stuff happening for your Wednesday. More than your brain can handle, so, we’ll make it short and sort-of sweet for you.

Artwork headlines

  • Gorgeous new Epic Mickey concept art released

    Whilst Epic Mickey’s gameplay may have been a mixed bag, its art style was striking. A number of new concept pieces have been posted on French website PixAzura. Have a gander.

  • Mistwalker artwork has nothing to do with current projects

    Kimihiko Fujisaka has said that artwork recently released on Mistwalker’s official site does not pertain to any current project, but was instead related to the canceled RPG, Cry On. “My illustrations and designs keep piling up without seeing the light of day. It happens a lot, but I think of it like medals of honor […]

  • Possible Deus Ex 3 shots show up on Eidos forums

    Two screens, supposedly from Deus Ex 3, have shown up over on the the Eidos forums. One looks in-game, one looks like artwork. No one is exactly sure what these are, but they’re rumored to be from the Eidos Montreal project. You be the judge.